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Environmental Management Systems

Commitment to sustainability

Through on-going EMS implementation, the company continues to formulate and implement policy and objectives that take into account legislative requirements, environment-friendly technological approaches and information about significant environmental impacts.

Unisys EMS is a managerial commitment to environmental wellness and sustainability. The EMS program applies to those environmental matters that Unisys can control and over those that it can be expected to have influence.

Unisys has established and maintains an EMS that:

  • Establishes a corporate-wide environmental policy.
  • Identifies any environmental aspects arising from Unisys past, existing or planned activities, products or services to determine any environmental impacts of significance.
  • Identifies relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Identifies priorities and sets appropriate environmental objectives and targets.
  • Establishes administrative controls to implement the policy and achieve objectives and targets.
  • Facilitates planning, control, monitoring, corrective action, auditing and review activities to ensure compliance with policy, laws and regulations and maintain the relevancy of EMS.
  • Ensures system flexibility capable of adapting to changing circumstances.

All sites that are registered to the ISO 14001 standard are audited on an annual basis by ISO auditors to verify conformance to the Environmental Management Systems program certification.