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Digital Workplace
Provide consistent employee experience across all devices
Optimize productivity and streamline self-service support
Improve business continuity and foster resilience
Centralize and simplify technology management
Ensure data security and regulatory compliance

Enable a productive, secure and modern workplace – anywhere, anytime

Deliver proactive, personalized technology and support services to elevate your digital workplace experience without compromising compliance or security. Transform your technology support infrastructure from reactive to proactive with Unisys Intelligent Workplace Services and Workplace as a Service solution offerings, including:

Device Subscription Service

Scale your infrastructure while maintaining control

Subscribe rather than buy device lifecycle management.

All businesses want to ensure that employees use the latest devices and hardware. After all, the better equipped your employees are, the more productive they can be. But how do you provide the latest technology while controlling cost, security and business continuity? Unisys Device Subscription Service (DSS) provides a solution.

DSS offers a cost-effective consumption and financing model for enterprise device lifecycle management.

Highlights include:

  • A monthly fixed-fee subscription model 
  • End-to-end lifecycle services from device procurement to retirement 
  • Latest hardware with no upfront costs 
  • Scalability to balance employee and organizational demands 
  • Proper security measures to enable employees to work from any location
woman outside on mobile phone

Your organization can expand and adapt its digital and device offerings as needed, ensuring every employee receives the right devices and software for their individual roles. While leadership enjoys a more flexible and cost-effective sourcing model and a reduced burden on IT teams, employees will benefit from the following:

  • Mobility to work from anywhere with a consistent end-user experience across devices
  • Choice of best-in-class personal devices and accessories
  • Technology tools that enable higher productivity with less downtime
  • Flexibility to use cloud services

Learn how adopting workplace-as-a-service solutions can reinvent your digital workplace employee experience.

Touchless Experience

Adopt a zero-touch approach to IT support

Seamless IT support and accessibility for empowered teams

To deliver their best work and achieve maximum productivity, employees need rapid onboarding and seamless IT support. With the rise of remote and hybrid models, IT challenges can significantly hinder efficiency and drive up costs—especially when managing the complex logistics of device repair and replacement. This calls for a visionary and collaborative approach to IT support, transforming potential tech hurdles into opportunities for empowerment and innovation.

Unisys Touchless Experience offers a streamlined, turnkey approach to device support. Capabilities include self-service automation, smart dispensing, and integrated information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) and asset management. Touchless Experience helps ensure experience parity for employees working from on-site and remote environments or anywhere in between. Benefit from:

  • Enhanced employee experience and heightened productivity
  • Persona alignment
  • Increased IT agility 
  • Cost optimization
  • Comprehensive IT support options
  • Heightened accessibility and alignment with diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives

Learn more about how your organization can benefit from Touchless Experience. 

Next-Generation Service Desk

Bring your service desk into the next generation

Give your digital workforce personalized technology services and transform the delivery process.

In today’s modern workplace, the success of a service desk interaction is defined by far more than whether the problem was fixed — it’s about the end-to-end employee experience. With Unisys Next-Generation Service Desk, you can give your digital workforce personalized technology services and transform the service delivery process from a technology-centered model to one that’s driven by end-user experience.

Unisys Next-Generation Service Desk proactively enables employees to work more efficiently with minimal interruption and helps you identify and deliver the right resolution quickly and via the preferred channel. Highlights include:

  • All-in-one solution for omnichannel support
  • Enables automation, identity authentication, proactive self-healing technologies and advanced analytics
  • Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Provides end-users with secure, simplified, personalized and flexible access to support services
  • Accessible from any device, at any time, across all channels, including phone, e-mail, web, video, chat, mobile app, service portal, augmented reality and more

Learn why the Next-Generation Service Desk earned Unisys The HDI Awards for “Best Service and Support Culture” and “Best Service and Support Organization.”

man on laptop with headset

Frontline Field Services

Reimagine field services for today's hybrid workplace

Provide a consumer-like experience while eliminating cost and complexity.

Although the traditional field services model has dramatically evolved to support advanced remote resolution capabilities in recent years, some technical issues still require in-person support. But organizations must reevaluate their approach to field services to better align with today’s experience-driven digital workplace needs.

Unisys Frontline Field Services provide global, best-in-class technology support services to deliver a consumer-like experience for end users while eliminating unnecessary costs and streamlining processes for your business. Frontline Field Services leverage:

  • Remote diagnostic and remediation tools, augmented reality tools and AI-powered insights for timely resolution
  • Support personnel with expertise beyond traditional PCs and mobile devices, including IoT systems, biometric devices, POS scanners and more
  • IT vending machines, lockers, walk-up tech cafés and mobile apps to provide highly distributed workforces with the equipment they need, when and where they need it 
  • A non-contracted, badged employee system for consistent quality of service and cost savings Discover how to reimagine field services for the digital workplace

Discover how to reimagine field services for the digital workplace.

woman at laptop with notes

Enterprise Service Management

Optimize your service management approach

Enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction across all departments with a comprehensive, secure, and modular IT service management solution.

Consistently delivering excellent service to achieve high customer satisfaction can strain in-house resources due to competing priorities. Unisys Enterprise Service Management offers a comprehensive, secure, and modular approach to IT service management that enhances your capabilities without overburdening your team. The work begins with an assessment of your service objectives and maturity level, followed by technology and process consulting, program implementation, platform management, and continuous process improvement.

Elevate service excellence

  • Increase productivity: Create defined processes to cover areas like HR services, field services management and facilities management.
  • Improve visibility: Gain a single-pane-of-glass view of all your enterprise service management tasks. A holistic approach makes it easier for you to govern the platform effectively, continuously improve processes and innovate new solutions. 
  • Decrease costs: Identify opportunities to simplify and standardize service practices, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Enhance customer experiences: Resolve customer issues more easily and improve service by automating processes.

Learn more about how your organization can benefit from Unisys Enterprise Service Management.

Unisys in action

Casestudy Testimonial

We are constantly developing new ways of working to help Elekta’s digital innovation. Our renewed partnership with Unisys focuses on flexibility to allow for the fast adoption of new technology as we rapidly develop our digital capabilities.

Simon Telfer-Smith
CIO, Elekta
Casestudy Testimonial

A digital, flexible and collaborative workplace is crucial for our holistic Smart Work concept at Henkel. The workplace plays a key role in ensuring that all employees, whether office-based, factory-based or remote, have access to the tools they need to do their jobs. With Unisys as our technology partner, we empower people to work productively from anywhere by supporting seamless, personalized communication and collaboration.

Sotirios Siozos
Head of Workplace & End User Computing
Henkel dx
Casestudy Testimonial

Unisys enables us to provide continuous, comprehensive support for our employees and better serve our customers, even during the COVID-19 crisis. This has resulted in customer trust and increased momentum of growth both in market position and new business.

Jorge Mancilla
ITO Help & Support Sub-Director,
HSBC México

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