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Implement a holistic Zero Trust security strategy
Learn what and who is on your network
Identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your network
Quickly detect intrusions and contain the damage
Protect your reputation by protecting against cyber threats and data loss
Alleviate the burden on overtaxed IT staff

Protect your data and your business

Your business is only as secure as its weakest link. As technology evolves, so do cybersecurity threats. Get Zero Trust protection across your enterprise with Unisys’ comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services and solutions:

Consulting services to assess cybersecurity maturity

Design a Zero Trust security strategy, working with our experts to identify your vulnerabilities and assess your cybersecurity maturity level.

As cyber connections grow, so do the risks of cyberattacks. The first step in strengthening your defenses and moving towards a Zero Trust posture is understanding exactly where you stand with your cybersecurity program. For example, do you know what’s on your network and whom? Are you aware of the cybersecurity responsibilities for each role in your organization? How will you respond to a ransomware attempt? What’s your overall exposure to compliance risk and reputational damage? Cybersecurity Consulting services can help you answer these questions, and more so you can mount the best defense against rising risks and threats.

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A CTOs View on Security

Implementation solutions for every contingency

Deploy a Zero Trust architecture to control access, stop attacks and recover swiftly.

Traditional cybersecurity solutions are showing their cracks, which makes moving to Zero Trust a top priority. VPNs have porous security, back-ups are risk-prone, and few organizations can stop an attack in their tracks. Zero Trust is the best approach to enable your environment to address ever-changing regulations, hackers, malware and other cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Solutions from Unisys enable a more secure environment and a scalable Zero Trust architecture that permits remote user access only to the resources needed, not the entire network. Modernize your cybersecurity environment to tackle your vulnerabilities and shore up your defenses to stop attacks in their place and keep your business safe.

Solution highlights

  • Microsegmentation: Achieve a key element of Zero Trust security by enforcing least privilege access and preventing lateral movement of threats.
  • Secure Access: Provide remote and on-premise users seamless access to applications and data – with access granted only when needed and for the required duration.
  • Cyber Recovery: Ensure clean backup data and automated restoral, boosting resilience and protection in the event of a cyber attack.
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Solution benefits:

  • Minimized attack surface: Control user access to the devices and data needed while blocking access to other network resources.
  • Faster attack response times: Prevent breaches and detect intrusions sooner and react in an instant to isolate compromised assets.
  • Speedier recoveries: Set up clean rooms with confidence and restore business operations faster.
  • Stronger security posture: Protect your reputation with a better approach to cybersecurity that keeps your data safe.

Managed services to reduce cyber risk

Optimize your Zero Trust posture with managed security services to identify vulnerabilities, recommend action, and track remediation.

As network hardware and applications continue to proliferate, identifying and managing cyber vulnerabilities can be an overwhelming job. Tools can help, but they lack business intelligence. To effectively implement Zero Trust, you need to accurately assess your network, make sense of threat data, prioritize vulnerabilities, and manage them moving forward; you need security expertise in human form. This is what you gain with the Unisys Threat and Vulnerability Management managed service offering.

Solution highlights:

  • Managed service: Protect against threats and vulnerabilities while freeing resources for other activities by tapping our seasoned professionals' Zero Trust security and industry expertise.
  • Proven methodology: Use us to scan your environment, analyze the results, generate recommendations for remediation, and track the follow-through for compliance.
  • Business-focused: Receive remediation recommendations from security experts who take the business context of vulnerabilities into account and prioritize responses in alignment with business needs.
  • Tailored-fit: Engage with us in a way that fits how you work, aligns with your governance and compliance requirements, and seamlessly integrates with industry-leading vulnerability management tools, IT service management platforms, and configuration management databases (CMDBs).

Benefits of managed services:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Fill the gaps left by a tools-only approach.
  • Greater risk awareness: Continuously scan your environment and receive reports on vulnerabilities.
  • Improved compliance: Access a ready-made audit trail based on reports that detail findings and remediation.
  • Enhanced security posture: Achieve the peace of mind that comes with expertise and service excellence.
  • Less internal burden: Free up resources for innovation and customer-facing projects relying on highly skilled and certified experts.

Unisys in action

Casestudy Testimonial

We have a large and diverse distribution network spanning ~3,100 operations and 10,000 stores. With Unisys Stealth®, we are centrally managing our cybersecurity operations while strengthening our global security posture and securing our operational environment.

Damian Apone
Casestudy Testimonial

Our collaboration with Unisys gives us access to expert IT consultants, advice on cybersecurity and constant support. Undoubtedly, they have strengthened our capacity to secure applications and create seamless environments to help protect Intellectual Property across the European Union.

Emilio Torres
Regional Manager,
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