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Cloud Management
Receive expert multi-cloud and container management
Increase operational efficiency, security and compliance
Monitor and optimize cloud spending
Scale your systems and apps to derive maximum benefits from the cloud
Gain a clear cloud roadmap for your organization

Accelerate your journey to the cloud

Moving to the cloud could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Distributing workloads among multiple clouds could be even better. Boost your bottom line and business agility by partnering with Unisys experts through the following capabilities:
Financial Analysis and Optimization

Optimize cloud spending

Monitor and optimize your cloud investment.

Your investment in cloud computing is probably driven in part by cost. After all, the cloud offers tremendous advantages over expensive legacy technology. It turns out you can also save money on the cloud itself.

Accomplish this with the Unisys Financial Analysis and Optimization Solution. We’ll help you understand where your cloud spending is going, where it could be spent more efficiently and which mix of cloud repositories is best for you.

Easily track and optimize your cloud spending. Our solution will help you maximize your cloud investment and minimize unnecessary expenses.

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Solution benefits

Track spending

Know where all your cloud spending is allocated and which groups, departments and agencies are responsible. Evaluate month-over-month spending trends, detect spending anomalies and forecast future spending by leveraging historical data.

Get budget reports

Set cloud operating budgets by customizable business units with Unisys budget-reporting capabilities. Our automated recommendations can help you run your cloud environment more efficiently by downsizing or cutting unused resources.

Reduce expenses

Monitor resource spending over time and uncover hidden cloud costs with instantly accessible historical financial data. Identify immediate cost-saving opportunities, including unused resources, so you can take immediate action and save money.

Optimize reserved instances

Optimize your use of reserved instances, which are discounted billing prices for paying a set cloud-usage level rather than being charged on-demand cloud computing prices. Receive recommendations based on historical usage, reservation types and expiring reservations.

Multi-cloud Management

Advance your multi-cloud strategy

Manage and optimize multiple clouds with one cloud-agnostic capability.

Spreading resources among several public and private clouds introduces business agility. We’re cloud-agnostic, so instead of steering you to one cloud vendor, we’ll assess your environment and recommend the best cloud approach for you. Often, that results in a multi-cloud environment involving more than one third-party cloud vendor.

Our Multi-cloud Management capability covers server, storage, network capacity and top-tier cloud providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware. After all, simple asset management with configuration management isn’t sufficient to handle today’s complex environments, but it shouldn’t mean losing management simplicity. We integrate management and resource automation and build in hybrid IT and cloud strategy across legacy virtualized environments.

Benefits of Multi-cloud Management

  • Automate multi-cloud management and optimize as usage, costs and needs change
  • Consolidate complex multi-cloud orchestration
  • Build hybrid IT and cloud strategy across legacy virtualized environments and including server storage
  • Gain cross-platform visibility via self-service dashboards
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Container Management

Automate container management

Multiply the power of your cloud environment with containers.

Organizing containers to support your cloud environment can feel like stacking and re-stacking building blocks on a spinning plate. Your containers must be carefully organized and then added or replaced as needed to support your cloud environment.

With containers, you can create and deploy applications faster and more securely by allowing you to write application components once and move them among multiple clouds. They bundle together everything needed to run an application so it can function in any environment. The Unisys Container Management capability automates deploying, adding, replacing and scaling containers to meet your workload requirements.

Capability highlights

  • Modular templates for support across Kubernetes container configurations
  • Validated templates and procedures for the installation, operation and optimization of modern applications
  • Provisioning and configuration of container components
  • Tools and technologies for Day-2 operations (observability, security, governance, backups and ongoing management of deployed container infrastructure)
  • Performance metrics
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Benefits of automated Container Management

  • Repeatable and consistent deployment model
  • Secure, well-architected orchestration and lifecycle management
  • Flexibility to benefit from a multi-cloud environment
AI Ops/Zero Ops

Evolve cloud operations

Automate and improve IT and business operations.

Your cloud operations must evolve to meet the demands of your cloud environment. Even better if that evolution can happen without stretching your IT resources.

The complexity of modern cloud environments and rising data volume challenges traditional monitoring tools and tests human expertise. That immense data isn’t benefitting you if patterns are obscure – even diamond-covered trees would be lost in a massive, thick forest.

With Unisys, AI-led analytics and machine learning applied to big data can help you automate and improve IT and business operations. Choose from an AIOps or a ZeroOps approach. With both methods, our AI-led, automated IT operations support will dynamically predict problems with significantly higher accuracy than traditional remediation.

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AIOps augments your IT staff’s operations and infrastructure efforts with scalable automation. AIOps is a multi-layered technology approach that can rapidly comb through large data sets generated by IT infrastructure tools in a way people cannot. AIOps can help detect potential issues and determine their root causes.

  • Analyze network, system and business process data to identify patterns
  • Speed the detection of errors and anomalies to prevent downtime and revenue loss
  • Achieve business outcomes by gaining insights for data-based decisions
  • Increase security and compliance with AI-led monitoring and reporting using compelling visual dashboards
  • Improve time to value/time to market

ZeroOps frees up your developers to focus on coding and development projects rather than on detecting and resolving infrastructure and operations challenges. The end-to-end automation of ZeroOps handles routine tasks.

  • Improve uptime
  • Speed time to resolution on incidents
  • Free up critical IT resources to focus on critical challenges
  • Automate from the outset
  • Streamline and re-invent the customer experience
  • Enable a Zero Trust environment
  • Improve time to market/ time to value

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Casestudy Testimonial

The Unisys solution creates a secure, analytics-driven cloud environment to integrate our information resources. It has allowed us to develop and deliver more innovative educational administrative services across all 23 campuses quickly and cost-efficiently.

Steve Relyea
Executive vice chancellor & chief financial officer
California State University​
Casestudy Testimonial

Our responsibilities and tasks are essential for contributing towards the stability of the EU financial system. As a strategic partner, Unisys delivers secure, dynamic and flexible services that enable us to meet increasing demand and support innovation.

Glenn Scott
Program Director
European Central Bank​
Casestudy Testimonial

As the central IT authority for the State of Georgia, we’re committed to improving the overall quality and speed of our services to agencies and citizens. Unisys Cloud Management Solutions has brought greater flexibility, security and speed to market – at a much better price point.

Sunil Aluri
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