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Cloud Management
Receive expert multi-cloud and container management
Increase operational efficiency, security and compliance
Monitor and optimize cloud spending
Scale your systems and apps to derive maximum benefits from the cloud
Gain a clear cloud roadmap for your organization

Cloud Management solutions from Unisys ease the management of multi-cloud environments

Moving to the cloud may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Distributing workloads among multiple clouds could be even better. Boost your bottom line and business agility by partnering with Unisys experts through the following capabilities:

Cloud Migration and Modernization

Migrate workloads to the cloud seamlessly

Modernize and elevate your cloud capabilities securely.

Let’s face it. Legacy technology can become a money pit, making the cloud even more alluring. But the last thing you need are headaches and complexity when it comes to cloud migration and modernization. You are in luck.

The Unisys Cloud Migration and Modernization solution offers a comprehensive, secure and phased approach to cloud migration, focused on efficient rehosting to optimize cloud-hosted applications. Enable enterprise migrations from legacy on-premises systems to a modern cloud-based infrastructure, including third-party providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. We’re not your average tech team. Working with Unisys helps to ensure continuous stakeholder engagement and feedback, issue resolution and a smooth, disruption-free transition.


  • Proven, repeatable and agile approach that covers the entire cloud migration journey
  • Efficient assessment and review of your existing systems
  • Cloud platform-agnostic methodology that harnesses the power of the 6R framework and Unisys technology
  • Tailored cloud migration and modernization strategies that align with unique business and industry-specific requirements
  • Agile and iterative methodology, with stakeholder touchpoints for feedback and issue resolution 
  • Robust data security and compliance with industry regulations
  • Efficient cloud rehosting to optimize application performance while minimizing costs and downtime


  • Reduce costs while ensuring your data is secure and compliant.
  • Experience faster and more efficient application performance.
  • Address your specific business requirements.
  • Maximize ROI with a swift, seamless transition and improved performance.
  • Reduce time-to-migrate while maintaining quality.

Your mission-critical applications also can benefit from modernization. Revamp your essential applications to gain a competitive advantage, simplify maintenance, reduce costs and remain at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

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Multi-Cloud Management

Advance your multi-cloud strategy

Manage and optimize multiple clouds with one cloud-agnostic capability.

Embarking on a cloud journey presents a unique chance to redefine how your organization operates and excels. The challenge of deploying workloads to the public cloud, while common, is also a gateway to innovation and growth.

Unisys Multi-Cloud Management integrates management and the automation of resources across third-party providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Optimize your multi-cloud environment, including your traditional data center, with automation, cybersecurity, user experience simplification and cost optimization.


  • Streamlined cloud deployment and management
  • Robust data security, including data logging, backups, threat protection and identity management
  • Optimized infrastructure performance
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting


  • Enjoy a more cohesive, regulated and consistent approach.
  • Assess where your management spending is going and identify ways to improve.
  • Keep IT resources focused on core business activities while Unisys manages and optimizes your cloud environment.
  • Reduce security and compliance concerns.
  • Choose the public cloud – Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure – that makes sense for you.
  • Receive 24/7 support from a global team of trained and certified professionals.
  • Recoup management costs by automating manual processes and optimizing management.
  • Gain scalability and elasticity and the ability to pay for just the resources used.
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Unisys Well-Architected Review

Unisys offers a comprehensive assessment for AWS cloud clients looking to optimize cloud workloads. You'll benefit from the expertise of certified architects who conduct thorough reviews, catering to your unique stage of cloud adoption, migration and assessment.

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Cloud Financial Analysis and Optimization

Optimize cloud spending

Gain insights to boost the value of your cloud

Your journey into cloud computing likely started as a quest for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, leveraging the cloud's advantages over traditional, costlier technologies. Yet, the path to cloud optimization doesn't end there. In fact, it's just the beginning of unlocking further savings and efficiencies within the cloud itself.

Optimize your cloud investment with the Unisys Cloud Financial Analysis and Optimization solution. Maximize the business value your organization can gain from your cloud investment by bringing together engineering, finance, technology and business teams to collaborate on data-driven spending decisions. Understand your cloud costs at a granular level, where spending could be spent more efficiently and which mix of cloud repositories is best for you. This solution will help you maximize the return on your cloud investment and minimize unnecessary expenses.


  • Tracking of cloud costs for spending trends, anomaly detection and forecasting
  • Cloud budget reports by customizable business units and with automated recommendations to run your cloud environment more efficiently
  • Resource monitoring to uncover hidden cloud costs and identify cost-saving opportunities with instantly accessible historical financial data
  • Reserved instances optimization including recommendations based on historical usage, reservation types and expiring reservations


  • Understand your cloud spend, forecast based on historical data and budget more accurately and predictably.
  • Eliminate costs associated with underutilized cloud resources and improve efficiency.
  • Scale your cloud environment with governance policies that drive consistent best practices.
  • Optimize your system performance, lower costs, govern your security posture and assess which options give you the greatest flexibility.
  • Stay audit-ready and secure with automated policy enforcement and periodic or on-demand compliance reviews for system flaws.
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Unisys in action

Casestudy Testimonial

The Unisys solution creates a secure, analytics-driven cloud environment to integrate our information resources. It has allowed us to develop and deliver more innovative educational administrative services across all 23 campuses quickly and cost-efficiently.

Steve Relyea
Executive vice chancellor & chief financial officer
California State University​
Casestudy Testimonial

We rely on data to maintain our competitive advantage. Our partnership with Unisys and AWS enables us to build, configure and manage a large and complex data environment while positioning ourselves for future growth.

David Mirike
Divisional Vice President,
Enterprise Data & Integration Services, Globe Life
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