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Quantum IQ
Reduce manual, time-intensive operational process
Maximize profitability amidst increased competition and macroeconomic uncertainties
Enhance customer experiences without compromising operational efficiency
Process and analyze vast amounts of data at lightning-fast speed

Unisys Logistics Optimization provides pre-trained AI models that enable smarter and faster business decisions.

Quantum computing has the potential to improve the way airlines, ground handlers and freight forwarders operate, offering greater efficiencies, reduced risk and increased output — all in an instant.

Enter Unisys Logistics Optimization™.

Exceed expectations using a logistics management solution that blends AI predictive modeling, quantum-powered analytics and machine learning for continuous improvement. With this combined functionality, airlines, ground handlers and freight forwarders can drive near-real-time decision-making to maximize profitability and capacity.


Next-gen logistics management

Unisys Logistics Optimization provides pre-trained AI models that enable smarter and faster business decisions. It helps airlines optimize shipment routing for maximum revenue and minimal disruptions, and freight forwarders boost customer experience with improved on-time delivery.

Optimize your logistics at quantum speed by seamlessly implementing Unisys Logistics Optimization as an API or as web-based or mobile applications.

Capacity Optimization

Plan optimal ULD builds in near-real-time

Fill all the nooks and crannies in your unit load devices (ULDs) to ship as much cargo as efficiently as possible. With Unisys Logistics Optimization, you can plan optimally loaded pallets and ULDs in near-real-time with 3D visualizations.

Airlines, ground handlers and freight forwarders can slash the time it takes to build and load vehicles, maximizing overall capacity and revenue with cutting-edge load optimization functionality.

Solution benefits:

  • Deliver optimal ULDs build plans in near-real-time: Effortlessly create load plans for every ULD on every flight or truckload, helping maximize overall aircraft capacity and revenue with the automated build plan feature.
  • Respond swiftly to disruptions: Mark exceptions and initiate a seamless rebuild of ULDs, ensuring operations continue smoothly without compromising revenue, compliance or on-time performance.
  • Speed up your operations: Harness the power of quantum computing, AI and advanced analytics to track exceptions better, help avoid safety issues and load ULDs more quickly and efficiently.

Route Optimization

Deliver parcels to their destination quickly, with the fewest touches

Optimizing routing for 15 nodes and three vehicles would take about seven years with traditional logistics routing methods. Unisys' pre-trained models — powered by quantum annealing — solved the same problem in just seven seconds.

Evaluate data elements, business objectives and constraints before assigning shipments to their optimal flight with Unisys Logistics Optimization. By leveraging historical data and third-party APIs, the solution builds smarter routing logic that optimizes revenue and maximizes utilization. It incorporates shipment density and weather-related exceptions and minimizes the number of times a ULD is rebuilt during stops along the path to its destination.

For airlines

Airlines can optimize shipment routing processes, resulting in maximum revenue and minimal disruptions with Unisys Logistics Optimization. The quantum-powered routing logic evaluates multiple data sources to help airlines select the best routes for incoming booking requests.

For freight forwarders

Freight forwarders can increase profitability and improve customer experience by helping to ensure on-time delivery goals are met with Unisys Logistics Optimization. The quantum-powered routing logic evaluates multiple data sources to find the cheapest transit option that meets customer expectations and deadlines.

Solution benefits:

  • Boost revenue: Maximize your revenue potential with Unisys Logistics Optimization’s intelligent routing logic that considers factors like shipment density to help ensure each flight is utilized efficiently.
  • Unclog operations: Streamline your route planning process with advanced algorithms and data-driven insights, so you can quickly assign shipments to their optimal flights to assist in meeting on-time delivery deadlines.
  • Meet on-time performance expectations: Reduce the number of ULD and pallet rebuilds your warehouse staff must plan and build, saving you time and moving cargo more efficiently.
  • Increase adaptability and flexibility: Seamlessly adjust route planning when flight disruptions and cancellations occur based on real-time data.

Warehouse Optimization

Maximize your storage space and make it easier to ship your parcels

Find and access your cargo with ease. With Unisys Logistics Optimization, you can accurately predict cargo demand so that inventory is in the right place at the right time.

The solution’s advanced algorithms and data-driven insights optimize how cargo is stored in your warehouses, helping you ensure frequently accessed items are strategically placed for quick retrieval, reducing picking and retrieval times. By analyzing factors like cargo dimensions, weight and frequency of access, Unisys Logistics Optimization identifies the most efficient storage configurations that maximize free space and minimize wasted areas.

Solution benefits:

  • Increase storage capacity: Maximize your available space by intelligently organizing cargo and eliminating wasted areas.
  • Improve operational efficiency: Minimize the risk of errors and misplaced items, helping to ensure smooth and accurate inventory management and improved on-time delivery performance.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction: Fulfill orders faster and more accurately with easy access to well-organized cargo.

Unveiling: Unisys Logistics Optimization™

Your supply chain is a complex ecosystem. Learn how combining advanced analytics, AI and quantum computing can help you realize efficiency gains to boost your bottom line.