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Communication and Collaboration
Deliver reliable, personalized digital experiences
Enable seamless and reliable communication and collaboration
Ensure physical and virtual meeting rooms are always ready
Reduce support costs without sacrificing productivity or parity
Identify, secure and resolve technical issues proactively
Minimize use of shadow IT and related regulatory and security risks

Make seamless collaboration everyone’s digital workplace experience

Everyone wins when you continuously monitor, manage and optimize the networks, platforms and meeting spaces employees use to collaborate. Workers experience less friction and frustration, so they’re happier and more productive, while IT teams receive fewer complaints and service tickets. Unisys makes this environment possible by providing solutions for unified communications and collaboration (UCC):

Managed Services for Microsoft Copilot

Elevate workforce productivity with enterprise-friendly AI

As part of the Managed Microsoft 365 and Teams solution, Unisys consultants can partner with you to strategically leverage Microsoft 365 Copilot to accelerate productivity and innovation. Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI-powered productivity tool that helps teams work faster and smarter by using advanced technology to turn common language into intelligent actions, such as creating content, identifying app functionalities, scheduling meetings and more.

Copilot works alongside the Microsoft 365 apps you use daily, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and others. This tool utilizes public online data while adhering to your custom enterprise data privacy and security requirements.

Limited bandwidth? Microsoft 365 Copilot eliminates inefficient training processes by providing an immediate resource for employees with questions and urgent support needs. The technology enables comprehensive conversations with an AI agent to answer inquiries, generate content, perform tasks and help users develop new skills, serving as a catalyst for individual and organizational efficiency.

Contact us to learn how Unisys can help you leverage Microsoft 365 Copilot for next-level digital transformation.

workers in office

Managed Microsoft 365 and Teams

Leverage the full potential of Microsoft 365, Teams and Copilot

Maximize ROI of your enterprise technology licenses with tailored strategies and training.

Deploying digital workplace productivity technologies like Microsoft 365 and Teams, coupled with the transformative capabilities of Microsoft 365 Copilot, requires meticulous planning and expert oversight. Unisys offers comprehensive services, from rollout and implementation strategy to end-user training and adoption, ensuring that companies unlock the full spectrum of benefits these technologies offer. 

With the Unisys Managed Microsoft 365 and Teams solution, certified operations engineers provide tailored deployment and management services, enhancing your organization's end-user experiences across the entire Microsoft ecosystem. This includes seamless integration of Microsoft 365 Copilot, an innovative AI tool that revolutionizes team productivity. Copilot empowers your workforce by intelligently enhancing tasks, such as content creation, app functionality identification and meeting scheduling, all within the familiar interfaces of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams. 

In addition to technical support, Unisys’ organizational change management experts facilitate a smooth enterprise-wide transition to digital platforms like SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online and Microsoft Teams, integrating persona-based strategies for enhanced employee adoption. This holistic approach maximizes your return on investment and positions your team at the forefront of technological advancements with ongoing skill development, comprehensive training in Microsoft 365 and Teams, and strategic use of cutting-edge Microsoft 365 Copilot. 

Discover how Unisys can help your organization harness the full potential of Microsoft 365 Copilot, driving innovation and efficiency in your digital workplace.

Unisys Managed Microsoft 365 and Teams

Frontline Worker Enablement

Empower your frontline workforce. Delight your customers.

Take a persona-based approach to allocate devices, accessories and applications.

Workers on the front line – whether in manufacturing, health care, food service, retail or any other industry – perform the jobs that power innovation and drive progress in our society. Their work requires specific tools and resources designed to enable – and optimize – their individual roles.

Unisys Frontline Worker Enablement help your enterprise understand the unique persona profiles of your frontline workforce and identify and deliver the right combination of devices, accessories and applications they need to be successful. This persona-driven approach ensures employees are equipped to provide outstanding customer service, driving overall business outcomes.


Managed Meeting Rooms

Ensure meeting rooms are ready to support your hybrid workforce

Get the most from your meetings wherever your employees are - whether in-person, remote, or hybrid.

As workforces continue to embrace hybrid work, IT departments are under pressure to create collaboration solutions and spaces that support in-office and remote work. When meeting rooms are flexible, efficient and responsive and support seamless communication and collaboration regardless of location, your workforce is better equipped to team up to tackle problems, drive growth and innovate.

When people meet, there’s no tolerance for technology failures that waste time, frustrate attendees and make it difficult – or even impossible – to talk and share information. Yet too often, meeting rooms are ill-equipped to support even basic communication and collaboration. Equipment may be missing or defunct. Networks may be down. Passwords may be forgotten. And because meeting technology often relies upon other software, hardware and networking components, pinpointing the exact point of failure can be difficult for business users.

Meeting Room Management

Unisys can help ensure your meeting rooms are ready for action.

Unisys Managed Meeting Rooms provide end-to-end solutions—from assessment and set up to support and administration – that deliver and support meeting rooms to keep people happy, connected and productive. As your partner for success, we help you get the most value from your technology investments while minimizing the cost of ownership.

Benefit from:

  • Room assessments and design services that include acoustics and hardware assessments and integration, air quality monitoring, sound masking, room layout and installations
  • On-site audit for removed and degraded equipment, expired passwords and security risks, disconnected networks, out-of-date software, platform and UI changes, and more
  • Proactive monitoring services that constantly watch for errors affecting meeting room experiences, and also provide actionable insights for quick issue resolution
  • Multi-platform management for organizations using more than one conferencing system
  • Legacy conferencing system migration to help your enterprise effectively utilize legacy hardware systems and still achieve end-user satisfaction using the latest UCC platforms

Management and Optimization

Proactively monitor and manage collaboration platform performance

Invest in optimizing UCC experiences - because the future of business depends upon it.

Struggling to deliver a positive employee experience across collaboration platforms? In today’s hybrid workplace, your employees spend more time in Zoom and Microsoft Teams than ever. The question is, are you providing an enjoyable, reliable experience for them – one that promotes efficiency, productivity and user satisfaction? And can employees count on their preferred collaboration channels to work as needed?

These digital platforms are where work gets done today – inside and outside the office. What’s needed is a way to measure, monitor and continuously improve these core UCC applications – just as you would maintain and optimize any server in a data center.

Now you can – with Unisys PowerSuite Collaboration, a powerful software tool that helps you seamlessly manage and optimize enterprise communication and collaboration platforms.

PowerSuite Collaboration equips IT admins with a unified set of experience management dashboards that provide a single-pane-of-glass view of all UCC platforms, and offer AI- and ML-powered actionable insights to enhance the end-user experience.

Explore PowerSuite Collaboration

PowerSuite Collaboration dashboard
The PowerSuite Collaboration dashboard

Platform Governance

Up-level collaboration with flexible, adaptive governance

Defend your collaboration data while creating a better employee experience.

UCC platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become integral to connection and collaboration among today’s digital workforces. But they can also be the source of security failures. Why? Because when organizations use these platforms’ native, one-size-fits-all security policies that impede collaboration and work progress, humans find a way around them. This “shadow IT” leads to perpetual fire-fighting and costly data breaches for IT teams.

Implement flexible, effective governance that improves the employee experience

No IT function should be forced to choose between strong data security and employee productivity. And with Unisys, you don’t have to. PowerSuite Governance empowers IT teams to create strong yet flexible collaboration governance infrastructure using adaptive enforcement policies and automated governance. This tool simplifies the process of securing enterprise collaboration platforms without hindering employee productivity, using:

  • UCC security analytics and tooling that provide complete governance capabilities to manage, optimize and secure enterprise collaboration platforms.
  • In-depth dashboards for monitoring and enforcement of collaboration security policies.
  • Automated governance workflows to help prevent digital sprawl and improve employee productivity and morale.

Explore PowerSuite Governance

PowerSuite Governance

Forecasting success with digital workplace solutions

"The Bureau provides an extraordinary array of services that touch the lives of millions of Australians every day. The Unisys solution is secure and scalable and is enabling us to better contribute to our nation’s economic prosperity, public safety and community wellbeing."

- Michael Webb, General Manager Service and Infrastructure, The Bureau of Meteorology