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Political Contributions

Compliance with political laws and requirements

Unisys is committed to complying with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and reporting requirements when we participate in the political process. We also believe that transparency regarding political contributions and expenditures is part of being a responsible corporate citizen.

Policy on Contributions

Use of Corporate Resources in Political Campaigns and Other Political Activities

Applicability: This policy applies to all Unisys operating groups and staff functions worldwide, including subsidiaries and supersedes any previous Unisys guidance regardless of source.

Policy on Federal, State, local and Foreign Political Activity: No Corporate Funds, products, services, or other corporate resources may be used directly or indirectly to make a political contribution to any elected officials, political candidates or parties at the U. S. Federal level, except that corporate funds may be used to pay the costs of administering and soliciting contributions to the Unisys Political Action Committee (UPAC).

At the State and local level, and in the international area, corporate resources may be used directly or indirectly to make political contributions to elected officials, political candidates or political parties only where permitted by applicable law and in accordance with this policy.

Requests by associates for Unisys to make permitted political contributions or for Unisys to participate in any other political activity must first be submitted in writing to the Vice President of Government Relations. Such requests must include the approval of the applicable Business Unit Senior Leader or staff unit Senior Leader and contain the details of date, place, nature of the activity, Unisys personnel and costs involved, rationale, and, as appropriate, name of the recipient and party affiliation. If the Vice President of Government Relations determines, that the request satisfies these requirements and is in compliance with applicable law and regulations, the Vice President of Government Relations will obtain the executive approvals required under the Delegation of Authority.

Requests for Unisys to contribute to or support any charity, sports or other event or activity under the sponsorship of a political party, an elected official, announced candidate for elected office, or group of such entities, are considered requests to support political activity and are subject to the approval procedure set forth in this policy.

Report to Board of Directors: A report on corporate political contributions will be made to the Unisys Board of Directors, or a committee of the Board, on an annual basis.

Definitions: Corporate funds refer to any direct or indirect monetary payment by the Company; products mean Unisys equipment, software and services. Political participation services include fund raising, providing transportation, and any other activity to assist, support or advance political candidates or parties. Resources include the use of corporate time, equipment, systems (including e-mail), stationery, postage, software, the assistance of any employee, and any other involvement of corporate supplies, facilities or personnel.​​​