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Modernize and move your applications to the cloud
Be agile in response to changing business requirements and opportunities
Scale your cloud efficiently with cloud-native applications
Deliver superior user experience to employees and partners using your apps
Automate security and compliance operations

Deliver game-changing modern applications

Modern applications are cloud-native, secure and scalable. They’re also transformative. Run your business, support your customers and track your successes with enterprise applications built for the cloud and tailored to your organization.
Application Modernization

Modernize legacy applications

Transform your business with cloud-enabled updates to legacy applications.

Your legacy apps have tremendous potential to be more. So much more, in fact, that they can advance the business. Speed your organization toward rapid innovation with Unisys Application Modernization. Retain all the functionality, features and performance of business-critical legacy apps while gaining a number of business-boosting benefits.

We grant your legacy apps the power of cloud compatibility by updating the code. We rehost, refactor, rearchitect and rebuild legacy applications – including their microservices, containers and other infrastructure – to align with a new cloud environment. Application Modernization can make enterprise applications more scalable, intuitive and cost-effective.

Solution highlights

  • Assessment of applications that may lead to workload migration to the cloud
  • Expert advice, detailed plans and complete transformation of legacy apps
  • Testing of modernized apps for reliability and security
  • Built-in security and compliance
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Benefits of Application Modernization

  • Savings - Save money by scaling your cloud usage based on need
  • Agility - Roll out new features and integrations in just days
  • Innovation - Spend valuable resources on innovation rather than on maintaining aging apps
Migration and Transformation

Migrate applications to the cloud

Give your business applications a new home in the cloud.

Your modernized applications – and probably some of your legacy apps – can move to the cloud. But as with any significant move, the steps leading up to it are critical to success.

Unisys Migration and Transformation can handle everything involved in moving your business application, the app database and all the underlying infrastructure that supports the app from on-premises to your preferred public cloud or a multi-cloud environment.

Application migration and transformation often go hand in hand with application modernization. However, a “lift and shift” approach – where legacy apps are moved to the cloud without modernization – may be an option for specific apps.

Solution highlights

  • In-depth assessments by experienced consultants
  • Cloud strategy and design
  • Workload migration to the cloud
  • Mitigation of risks
  • Application deployment and testing
How To Earn And Keep The Trust Of Business Stakeholders In AI System Efforts

Benefits of Application Migration

  • Boost productivity by managing apps in the cloud rather than on your servers
  • Grow the business with fewer staff resources
  • Increase security and compliance of applications
Cloud-native Development

Innovate with cloud-native apps

Take full advantage of agility, scalability and low maintenance with software built for the cloud from the ground up.

When you develop applications with a cloud-first mindset, the result is software that can be run quickly and efficiently but can also scale easily.

With Unisys Cloud-Native Development, the cloud is built into our enterprise applications from the first keystrokes of code. Designed to deploy to the cloud and developed on cloud technology, our work results in applications that give you major advantages over traditional apps built on server-centric infrastructure.

Our always-on applications are engineered to take full advantage of the cloud and offer flexibility unavailable in legacy apps. Our experts use proven microservices design frameworks and accelerators. Since no hardware or software configuration is required, the applications are fast to implement, allowing you to adapt to shifting priorities while optimizing resources.

Solution highlights

  • Expert assessment of your application needs
  • Microservices rather than monolithic approaches
  • Predictable and reliable change through automation
  • Portability through workload containerization
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Benefits of Cloud-native Development

  • Reduce software time-to-market with minimal IT operations overhead
  • Release secure, cost-optimized software rapidly with minimal IT operations overhead
  • Scale cloud usage automatically based on the number of users and traffic changes
  • Build serverless applications with unlimited scale and zero administration
Modern User Experiences

Enhance user experience

Create applications that people are eager to use.

Your enterprise applications should be just as intuitive and engaging as your users’ favorite consumer apps. Dazzle employees, customers and partners with applications that prioritize their experience and boost their satisfaction.

Our development teams follow a well-defined modern design process and leading UI/UX frontend development frameworks to deliver maximum user functionality. We can build independent and highly decoupled applications, including micro frontends, single-page applications, progressive web components and modern UI libraries.

Personalize user experience with responsive, single-page mobile and adaptive web applications that encourage interactions. We bring proven enterprise design standards and help you deliver compelling experiences.

Solution highlights

  • Proven enterprise design standards
  • Modern UI frameworks
  • Build-and-deploy tools
  • Updated or new applications
  • Contextualized digital experiences
  • Intelligent presentation and orchestration
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Benefits of Modern User Experiences

  • Personalized approach - Compose, manage and deliver personalized experiences for a broad mix of users, strengthening your connection with them.
  • Seamless experience - Connect multiple app capabilities for a seamless digital experience for users across multiple browsers and mobile devices.
  • Boosted productivity - Make it fast and easy to complete tasks and access information and enable development team productivity by allowing them to launch new releases faster.
Dev Sec Ops

Strengthen application security

Build security and compliance into each stage of software development.

You wouldn’t secure a stadium-size building with a single bike lock. In much the same way, traditional cybersecurity methods can’t keep pace in an environment where developers can produce multiple app iterations and microservices in just an hour. Today's applications require an advanced solution that seamlessly secure workloads, microservices architecture, apps and cloud infrastructure.

Our comprehensive, enterprise-scale DevSecOps approach means we build security and compliance into each stage of software development. Strengthen application security, even with limited staff resources, with our experts who deeply understand DevSecOps processes, continuous delivery methods and agile principles.

Solution highlights

  • Highly secure templates for public and hybrid cloud platforms
  • Centralized security management to discover cloud and system changes
  • Identity authentication with open technology architecture and biometric modeling
  • Continuous assessment of DevSecOps maturity
  • Scanning and remediation of security and compliance risks in the cloud
Unisys Modern Device Management

Benefits of built-in DevSecOps

  • Automate security and compliance operations, reducing risk, manual labor and potential threats
  • Run app iterations in days rather than months, making it easier and more cost-effective to try out new features
  • Boost business productivity to continually deliver secure, compliant, and high-quality applications with agility
  • Launch software releases confidently, knowing our skilled engineering resources can update applications with minimal disruption
  • Ensure every operation, service or development application follows defined policies and procedures

Unisys in action

Leading U.S. mortgage firm

Saving $3 million annually with managed pipeline service framework.

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Leading U.S. financial institution

Transforming a monolithic financial application into a modern digital experience.

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Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

Provided one integrated land transport system to help people get the most out of life and supports business. Reduced annual IT maintenance and operations cost by 26% (~NZ$80m) and minimized the time to respond to evolving legislative requirements from 6-12 months to 3 months.

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California State University

Enhancing student experience and improving graduation rates at the largest US four-year public university.

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Focus on business innovation with AWS Lambda Delivery services

The Unisys and AWS Partnership delivers solutions using AWS Serverless technologies like AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Aurora, Glue to help enterprises build a scalable, robust, resilient, and secure end to end solutions.

Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Cloud-Enabled Innovation

From Barriers to Breakthroughs: Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Cloud-Enabled Innovation

The next wave of digital transformation has emerged as the key enabler to foster innovation. Our latest research highlights the barriers to successful implementation and outlines the crucial actions organizations must take to unlock the full potential of their investments.

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