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Increase business agility for rapid adaptation to market shifts
Optimize business performance through AI, automation and agile practices
Accelerate application efficiency with modern, cloud-native solutions
Enhance user experience with engaging, responsive and intuitive applications
Streamline operations by provisioning scalable, secure and efficient apps
Cut redundancies and align resources with strategic business objectives

Deliver modern and secure user-centric applications

Applications from Unisys sets the gold standard for seamless performance and constant innovation. Our specialized industry clouds integrate data intelligence with sector-specific functions, fast-tracking your path to operational efficiency. 

Application Transformation

Empower innovation by modernizing your legacy applications

Seamlessly migrate and securely modernize your applications to drive cloud transformation.

Don’t let legacy applications hold you back from achieving your vision. New features and technologies can propel your innovation and growth. But how do you modernize applications without losing sight of your business goals? How do you avoid wasting time and money on ineffective solutions?

With the Unisys Application Transformation solution, you can move your business applications to the cloud and transform them to meet your changing needs. Whether you want to migrate from on-premises to your preferred cloud or adopt a multi-cloud environment, you can do it safely and securely with Unisys. Choose and implement the best digital technologies for your business processes and customer experiences, including secure containerization.

Solution highlights

  • Strategic planning for optimal application solutions
  • Seamless application migration with data integrity
  • Application optimization with modern architectures and practices
  • AI and machine learning advisory for business enhancement
  • Intuitive interfaces, responsive and accessible designs, conversational systems and seamless multi-platform integration
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Benefits of Application Transformation

  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency with automated, modern applications
  • Enhance performance and user satisfaction for greater agility and innovation
  • Speed up market entry with adaptive strategies and cutting-edge technology
  • Boost user engagement and loyalty for superior end-user experiences
  • Rapidly innovate and securely deploy new features for transformative results
  • Increase user engagement, satisfaction, retention and loyalty
  • Improve application accessibility to expand your user base with inclusive designs

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Application Development and Maintenance

Drive continuous improvement throughout the application lifecycle

Create, manage and optimize scalable, cloud-native and performance-driven applications.

Developing custom applications is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You need applications that fit your business needs while being scalable, maintainable and adaptable to changing demands. With the Unisys Application Development and Maintenance solution that covers the entire application lifecycle, you can implement or customize COTS, ERP or CRM systems or develop applications from scratch, backed by our expertise and experience to deliver results.

You benefit from various programming languages, frameworks and development methodologies to create cloud-native, microservices-based applications optimized for performance. Continuous monitoring and feedback loops help ensure your applications are always up to date and aligned with your goals.

Solution highlights

  • AI-driven acceleration across the software development life cycle
  • Cloud-optimized application development with expertise in cloud-native solutions
  • Microservices-based application design with independent, API-connected services
  • Application management for industry-standard compliance, seamless performance and improvement
  • Continuous feedback integration across application management and monitoring
How To Earn And Keep The Trust Of Business Stakeholders In AI System Efforts

Benefits of Application Development and Maintenance

  • Expert delivery of diverse, customized solutions
  • Enhanced efficiency with tailored application implementation
  • Agile and quick application updates for increased agility
  • Faster launches for a competitive edge
  • Innovative feedback and monitoring for improved operations

Enterprise Applications

Optimize performance with industry-tailored solutions

Meet regulatory standards and enhance user experience.

Organizations need industry-specific applications to meet regulatory standards, improve user experiences, protect sensitive data and speed up time-to-value toward business objectives. The Unisys Enterprise Applications solution offers the development, implementation and management of enterprise applications. By leveraging platforms like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Pega, and with Unisys’ decades of impactful experience and deep industry-specific knowledge, you can harness the power of insights and deliver tailored solutions that meet your needs and standards.

Solution highlights

  • Industry-specific solutions for financial services and public sector, including social services and criminal justice
  • Enhanced decision-making with data-driven analytics
  • Supported regulatory compliance across industries
  • Scalable, secure and efficient cloud services
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Benefits of Enterprise Applications

  • Expert, scalable, mobile, secure and efficient enterprise applications
  • Insights via data-driven analytics for strategic decisions and performance enhancement
  • Customization with industry-specific platforms for unique sector challenges
  • Compliance for seamless adherence to industry regulations and risk mitigation
  • Greater value at lower cost with better resource allocation, cloud services and functionality

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Cloud-ready calibration

Modernizing and migrating a testing pioneer’s applications to the cloud.

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Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

Provided one integrated land transport system to help people get the most out of life and supports business. Reduced annual IT maintenance and operations cost by 26% (~NZ$80m) and minimized the time to respond to evolving legislative requirements from 6-12 months to 3 months.

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European Union Intellectual Property Office EUIPO

Delivering improved service to companies and citizens for registration and protection of trademarks and designs.

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Caixa Econômica Federal

Providing secure, fast, easy access to customers’ financial information.

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Leading U.S. mortgage firm

Saving $3 million annually with managed pipeline service framework.

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Major U.S. financial institution

Transforming a monolithic financial application into a modern digital experience.

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Propel business innovation with AWS Lambda Delivery services

Unisys and AWS partner on solutions using AWS Serverless technologies like AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Aurora and Glue to help you build a scalable, robust, resilient and secure end-to-end solutions.