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AI Solutions
Make swift, data-driven decisions
Automate tasks and streamline processes
Free up employee time for high-value initiatives

AI that drives human innovation

In the buzz-filled world of AI, Unisys cuts through the noise with clarity and purpose. We understand that AI's real magic happens when it delivers tangible business value. Our approach? Apply strategic consulting and process design, comprehensive data management and analytics as well as cutting-edge technology and innovation, all tailored to your organization's specific needs – while controlling costs. With Unisys' AI expertise, you can accelerate efficiency, boost productivity and transform operations.

Accelerate efficiency

Fast-track your AI success with agile, efficient solutions

Prioritize a business-first approach coupled with deep industry expertise to enable AI-powered solutions that create tangible value for your organization. Unisys employs a proven and consistent method of delivery to speed time to market. Benefit from a flexible and vendor-agnostic framework that empowers you to adapt to the fast-paced evolution of AI technology.

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Accelerate Efficiency

Boost productivity

Maximize AI's potential with accessible, useful, and secure data

Build a solid foundation for AI to ensure your data is accessible, useful and secure. With Unisys, you’ll benefit from a data steward that goes beyond mere data preparation to thoroughly evaluate your data landscape, identifying valuable insights from across your business. This process of data curation and analysis provides you with actionable intelligence that can inform strategic decisions and drive innovation.

AI Boost Productivity

Transform operations

Transcend conventional limits with tailored AI solutions

Leverage Unisys' vertical industry knowledge combined with horizontal integration capabilities to transcend conventional limits. Gain impactful business results through tailored solutions that harmonize responsible AI practices with robust data management. Personalized consulting services, meticulous solution design and development, scalable architecture, and effective change management strategies operationalize tangible outcomes, positioning your business to stay ahead of the competition.

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Transform Operations

Unisys in action

Casestudy Testimonial

Additional benefits from the Unisys Core AI framework include enhanced code quality and user experience, leading to increased productivity and enabling the organization with data analysis and continuous improvement capabilities.

Casestudy Testimonial

We are constantly developing new ways of working to help Elekta’s digital innovation. Our renewed partnership with Unisys focuses on flexibility to allow for the fast adoption of new technology as we rapidly develop our digital capabilities.

Simon Telfer-Smith
CIO, Elekta
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Responsible AI and robust data management

Unisys is committed to adhering to ethical AI compliance frameworks that set industry standards while also implementing rigorous AI governance processes. This approach helps ensure that your AI initiatives are not only responsible but also proactively managed with strong oversight for ethical integrity. By integrating comprehensive data management with ethical AI practices, Unisys positions your organization at the forefront of responsible AI innovation.