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Predict equipment and technology failure
Gain insights from enterprise data
Deliver a superior customer experience
Generate, manage and measure content
Detect signs of cybersecurity threats
Build predictive industry models

AI that drives human innovation

Unleash the power of AI to automate tasks, streamline processes and free up valuable human resources for strategic initiatives. With AI-based solutions from Unisys, you can uncover hidden insights and patterns to empower your organization to make swift, data-driven decisions. Detect problems before they wreak havoc and identify opportunities before they slip away. Ultimately, you can gain a decisive edge in a dynamic marketplace.

Automate repetitive processes and offload manual tasks so employees can focus on more strategic endeavors with AI automation. Robotic process automation can handle tasks like completing forms and moving files. AIOps augments IT staff’s operations and infrastructure efforts with scalable automation. It is especially useful when the data sets are so large that humans can’t detect potential issues and determine their root causes.

Benefit from guidance and direction on using AI tools like Microsoft 365 Copilot, OpenAI GPT-4 and Google Bard from a trusted advisor on incorporating the latest technologies into your organization.

Deliver more value and a superior user experience at less cost by letting chatbots and virtual assistants respond to customer queries for help desk and end-user support services. Human-to-machine interfaces are built on how humans interact with laptops, computers, cars and other devices for a user-friendly experience.

Research the performance of your content using machine learning and AI, including capabilities like text analytics, data quality analysis and case management, so your marketers can more easily and effectively manage, measure and improve content.

Speed the development, testing and release of software applications, configuration changes, bug fixes and new features using advanced analytics and an AI core foundation.

Understand your customers deeply with customer analytics, segmentation and competitive intelligence so you can predict their future needs, personalize your messaging accordingly and stand out from competitors.

Build predictive models for specific industry needs by harnessing human expertise and machine learning (ML) algorithms. Banks, for example, can build models to help predict and prevent credit card fraud.

Generate text, images and other media for external marketing content and get code assistance from AI based on prompts from a human. Potential uses include: humanized chatbot support, including for retail and frontline workers; assistance for service desk agents to isolate and remediate issues; developer acceleration by auto-generating blocks of code; and insights query output to ask PowerSuite and other technology to generate conclusions and visual reports.


Leverage data generated by IoT devices using location-aware software tools. Banks or retail businesses, for example, can tailor service for customers using insights collected from IoT sensors, beacons and mobile apps.

Eliminate downtime and equipment failure with AI-led health monitoring of industrial equipment and technology to catch issues that could become problems if not addressed. Predicting and responding to IT failures faster leads to greater business resilience.

Access subject matter experts and machine learning algorithms to build predictive models for specific industry needs. Potential uses include: predictive endpoint health using benchmarked data to reduce reactive user incidents; self-learning automation optimization to analyze chat transcriptions and add feedback; and mapping of business personas using clustered pattern detection.

Arguably the most complex use of AI, prediction and reasoning involves humanizing the software and machine so it can forecast and interpret data for people. Applications include more accurate and precise forecasting of tornados and other severe weather events. Airlines can build models to analyze passenger flows at airports or improve flight connections.

Predict cybersecurity threats by detecting anomalies in user behavior and finding threat vulnerabilities. Unisys received funding from the Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making Initiative in Australia – a collaboration between the Office of National Intelligence and the Department of Defense – to investigate using forensic data analysis to detect deceitful and persuasive writing.

Track and measure pay equity to find workplace inequities using software algorithms and machine learning and reduce biases related to recruiting, resume screening and upskilling


AI can predict and prevent IT failures

Traditional IT monitoring tools can’t scale to modern IT environments. Explore how AI can help you respond to IT failures earlier, including two promising use cases, and get details on getting started.
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Complying with Evolving Regulations for AI and Machine Learning

Complying with AI regulations

Innovating with new technologies while satisfying AI regulations can be challenging. Check out four key considerations when innovating with AI and recommendations for how to keep pace with regulations.
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Unisys in action

Casestudy Testimonial

We are constantly developing new ways of working to help Elekta’s digital innovation. Our renewed partnership with Unisys focuses on flexibility to allow for the fast adoption of new technology as we rapidly develop our digital capabilities.

Simon Telfer-Smith
CIO, Elekta
Casestudy Testimonial

Unisys is a true partner in continually improving the service we provide to our citizens, and with Unisys cybersecurity technology, we have security built into our infrastructure to maintain the integrity of official documents like birth, marriage, and death certificates. Citizens have expressed high satisfaction in the continual improvement of PSA service through our partnership with Unisys, noting the importance of Civil Registry documents to everyday lives.

Dennis S. Mapa, Ph.DPh.D.
National Statistician and Civil Registrar General,
Philippine Statistics Authority
Casestudy Testimonial

Our collaboration with Unisys gives us access to expert IT consultants, advice on cybersecurity and constant support. Undoubtedly, they have strengthened our capacity to secure applications and create seamless environments to help protect Intellectual Property across the European Union.

Emilio Torres
Regional Manager,

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