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Driving industry performance

Every organization is unique, with specific requirements often defined by the industry in which you work. You know the opportunities and challenges very well. You also recognize the value of a technology partner like Unisys that shares your vision for what's possible.

Deliver mission-critical, high-volume transaction processing with ClearPath Forward®

For industry applications that demand the utmost in security, resiliency, availability and scalability combined with optimal business agility, ClearPath Forward environments provide the solution.

Designed to run hundreds of mission-critical applications under one instance of an operating system, it serves as the hub of business processes for many of the world's most demanding high-volume workloads, including airline reservations, online banking, mortgage and loan processing, emergency services and more.

Explore how ClearPath Forward systems, operating environments, cross-platform software and services can play a central role in supporting your day-to-day operations and your ongoing digital transformation.


Innovate wisely with time-tested expertise

Deep curiosity. Broad knowledge. High expectations. They're attributes we share. We bring decades of expertise to deliver consistent and ongoing value to support industry leaders like you through the following areas of focus:
Industries We Serve

Your vision realized

Tell us your vision. With Unisys, it's never about technology for technology's sake. Our work focuses on outcomes. We'll assess where you are on the path to realization and advise and execute to get you there, whether that means sharing best practices or implementing solutions developed by Unisys or our partners. Together, we achieve remarkable results for clients in all of the industries we serve:

Accelerate transformation, anticipate customer needs and deliver a compelling banking experience so customers choose your institution as their bank of choice. Learn more

Manage costs with precision, stimulate demand for new services, invest in the right tools and prepare for uncertainties while restoring travel confidence, refueling cargo and logistics operations and ensuring traveler safety. Learn more

Modernize your operations with cost-effective, secure digital capabilities that reduce costs and increase citizen satisfaction.

Embrace your organization's digital transformation as a vehicle to serve as a differentiator, strengthen back-office and factory operations, optimize processes and elevate the customer experience.

Realize long-term cost savings, increase collaboration, enrich student experiences and more by modernizing learning environments and operations to innovate the face of education.

Increase the scale of your organization's adoption of digital technologies by enabling virtual patient engagements and allowing a globally dispersed workforce to do their jobs remotely.

Power up your collaboration and communications environments in today's digital workplace to connect people and devices securely and effectively.

Capture increased customer demand by expanding your IT infrastructure to give your customers consistent, fast and easy shopping experiences in-store, online and through mobile channels — across multiple time zones and countries.

Financial Services Solutions

Financial services solutions for evolving banking operations

Deliver exceptional customer experiences, embrace disruption and revolutionize your underlying processes, capabilities and technologies.

The banking industry of the future is now. The pandemic revealed several limitations and forced digital channel adoption for banking solutions, accelerating the industry's transition to the cloud. Amid this evolution, the focus has shifted to offerings that prioritize customer experience, helping to boost client satisfaction and retention.

With Unisys, you can deliver exceptional customer experiences, embrace disruption and revolutionize your underlying processes, capabilities and technologies. Create seamless experiences across channels and an extended open banking ecosystem so you can improve time to market and productivity.

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Areas of focus

  • Digital Banking — Deliver the best customer experiences with an end-to-end digital banking solution. An easy-to-configure solution offers a consistent omnichannel experience that is easy to evolve and enhance with increased cybersecurity.
  • Branch Banking — Reimagine your branches' digital capabilities with the most reliable and secure solution. Seamlessly offer banking services across customer-serving channels using the solution's flexible framework that can be customized to your processes and services to facilitate integrations and open banking.
  • Core Banking — Enjoy the most reliable and secure core banking solutions to support your consumer, mortgage and business banking needs. Our experts have been improving and implementing core banking and mortgage solutions for more than 35 years and can become your trusted adviser for reimagining back-end processes.
Travel and Transportation

Travel and transportation solutions to get digital innovation off the runway

Optimize cargo and passenger capacity, manage operations and deploy a strategy that boosts your bottom line.

The global travel and transportation industry is rapidly evolving and constantly changing. Balancing the market's instability — from high fuel costs to unexpected supply chain issues to managing a tight labor market — is no easy feat. Unisys cargo and passenger solutions provide the answer.

Unisys’ end-to-end air transportation solutions for cargo and passengers help you optimize cargo and passenger capacity, manage operations and deploy a strategy that boosts your bottom line — while you focus on running your business. With this technology, you can manage costs precisely, stimulate demand for new services, invest in the right tools and prepare for uncertainties. Here's how:

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  • Cargo Core — Simplify your entire shipment lifecycle with this complete suite of cargo solutions designed to serve your evolving needs.
  • Cargo Mobile — Enter and access data from anywhere. This solution allows cargo staff to use handheld devices to enter and access data from anywhere at any time to enhance business outcomes.
  • Cargo Portal — Connect with carriers worldwide to tap into the world's most popular multi-carrier air cargo booking portal to reduce your distribution costs and increase your visibility and revenue.
  • Cargo E-Commerce — Drive the digital transformation of air cargo by making it easier to do business and deliver a first-class customer experience with a branded booking engine customized for your airline and integrated into your website.
  • Cargo Connect — Enable your air-cargo supply chain partners to seamlessly integrate with the heterogenous cargo systems and achieve greater speed, safety and reliability by translating and exchanging IATA XML standard or Unisys XML-based APIs.
  • Cargo In-Transit — Optimize supply chain performance with this intelligent application that reports your transportation milestone results to IATA Cargo iQ. This way, you can confidently meet your milestones by accessing proactive guidance, creating accurate route maps and managing shipment performance.

Do you want to fuel an unparalleled passenger experience?

Our modern airline Passenger Service System optimizes the air travel experience from take-off to landing and beyond. With a full range of core services — including inventory, order management, reservations, ticketing and departure control — this comprehensive, modular system can complement, enhance or replace your legacy Passenger Service System.

Unisys in action

Unisys is a trusted partner that has helped us expand our business. They have enabled our vision of a customer-centric, secure, digital bank offering, available 24x7, delivered in the Cloud.

Peter Hajszan
Head of Application Services, Bank ABC

It is inevitable that aviation will continue to change. With Unisys as our partner, we are confident in our ongoing ability to embrace technology that will provide the safest traveling experience.

Barry Abrams
Executive Director, Board of Airline Representatives Australia

Customers trust our ability to carry and handle up to one million ton of cargo annually to destinations around the globe. Due to the nature of our daily operations, we require a reliable system with broad accessibility. Unisys cloudbased Logistics Management System has given us a robust, widely available system and access to regular system updates as well as enhancements that allow us to remain competitive.

Ahmad Luqman Mohd Azmi
Chief Executive Officer,

We selected Unisys Stealth because it is software-based and integrates with our existing infrastructure to protect confidential data. The original purpose was to solve a tactical problem of getting PCI compliance. We now see that Stealth is a strategic solution for the university, enabling us to provide secure access to university resources for our staff during and beyond the pandemic.

University of East Anglia

Our partnership with Unisys allowed us to take an exceptionally complex environment and move it to a hybrid cloud to securely offer services that are reliable and responsive to the needs of half a million students across 23 campuses every day.

Michael Berman​
Chief Information Officer​
California State University​

Unisys’ top-notch services, fast access and insights enable us to provide a modern workplace with secure, innovative solutions – making us more customer and consumer centric.

Bart Kerkman
Head of Service Delivery,

Digital Mortgage Processing for businesses

Accelerate mortgage processing to gain a competitive edge.