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Employee Experience
Provide a frictionless, personalized digital work experience people love
Eliminate technology issues that frustrate employees and inhibit productivity
Monitor EX and proactively resolve issues before they impact end users
Empower IT to predict and prevent EX issues to reduce costs and streamline operations
Improve EX to attract and retain talent

Where employee experience meets transformative technologies

With hybrid work now mainstream, providing an exceptional EX is a business imperative. Unisys solutions can help you create a data-driven, predictive digital workplace while reducing enterprise technology costs.

Unisys Experience-as-a-Service (XaaS)

Deliver extraordinary employee experiences

Resolve IT issues before they impact end users.

Research shows that the quality of your employees’ digital experiences is essential to workforce engagement, productivity and happiness. Creating a positive EX requires placing employees at the center of your digital workplace design.

Unisys Experience-as-a-Service (XaaS) is a fully managed service designed to deliver extraordinary digital employee experiences. Through a combination of digital experience monitoring software, automation services, AI and ML technologies, experience-level agreements (XLA) and an experience management office (XMO), XaaS proactively identifies EX issues and delivers actionable insights for improvement. In addition to implementing automated workflows to prevent issues from recurring, XaaS can also predict and resolve issues before they occur.

  • Develop XLAs to establish EX baselines, identify opportunities for growth and track progress.
  • Monitor and analyze EX metrics to identify root causes of EX issues, resolve them and take informed actions for continued improvement.
  • Correlate quantitative and qualitative data across multiple sources, utilizing AI and ML technologies to generate insights and offer predictive analytics.
  • Deliver better customer experiences and drive business impact by enabling digital dexterity.
  • Enhance employee experience by creating a more collaborative, engaging and intuitive work environment.
  • Improve workforce productivity by quickly resolving IT issues or preventing them altogether.
  • Recruit and retain top talent by leveraging qualitative and quantitative EX data to enhance digital workplace experiences.
  • Uncover and realize cost and operational efficiencies through AI- and ML-powered data insights.

XLAs represent the experience-based evolution of the traditional service-level agreement (SLA). While SLAs measure “PC happiness” by collecting employee PC performance data or service desk metrics, such as mean time to resolution, XLAs also measure “people happiness” via adaptive surveys and other tools that reveal employee sentiment.

This holistic approach helps organizations evaluate the success of a technology solution or ecosystem with insights from both quantitative and qualitative experience data. Unisys works with you to build custom, persona-based XLAs to identify and track the right EX parameters for your organization.

The experience management office (XMO) helps you evaluate your organization’s XLAs, develop baselines to improve digital EX and track progress. It leverages a unique combination of digital experience monitoring software and automation services to continuously monitor employee experience, offering proactive and predictive insights to improve performance, reliability, usability and even end-user sentiment.

Unisys Experience-as-a-Service (XaaS)

Take a cohesive approach to managing the employee experience with Unisys Experience-as-a-Service (XaaS)