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Maximize value by reducing costs and accelerating processing time

Organizations need to continually evolve to remain competitive, therefore many have a transformation journey underway, with hopes of closing the delta between market demands and what can be affordably delivered. Amidst constant internal pressures on spend, you’re having to navigate challenging external forces: a competitive application development environment; loyalty being tied more to services than brands; and increasingly sophisticated security threats, and regulatory requirements.

The fastest and shortest path to outcomes delivered

Working with Unisys, you can unify transformation efforts and build on existing platforms, so you can develop faster based on market needs. Gain the ability to plug into value networks rather than trying to do it all yourself. And retool your low-value processing with consumption-based as a Service models, so you can maintain cost predictability and performance. Doing this you will accelerate the time to benefit realization while also reducing the risk profile of your initiatives.

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Helping customers realize the ‘great Australian dream’ of home ownership

"RAMS helps Australians own their home or residential investment property. Our partnership with Unisys started 15 years ago and throughout that time we’ve had astronomical growth. We’ve now got over 100,000 customers we’ve helped into their homes. Unisys is our operational partner, doing a lot of our customer after sales service."
-Jake Bromwich, Managing Director, RAMS

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Fulfilling citizens’ needs for official documents in minutes with advanced digitization and records management

"Unisys is a true partner in continually improving service we provide to our citizens, and with Stealth™ we have security built into our infrastructure to maintain the integrity of official documents like birth, marriage, and death certificates."
-Dennis S. Mapa, Ph.D., National Statistician and Civil Registrar General, Philippine Statistics Authority

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