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Unisys research: Navigate emerging horizons in technology

Fueling innovation. Driving progress.

Embark on a journey toward a resilient future with access to Unisys' comprehensive research, developed in collaboration with top industry analysts and research firms. These reports provide key insights into emerging trends, empowering you to make informed decisions. Aligned with Unisys’ core purpose to propel people and organizations forward, this collection offers the knowledge you need to navigate complex tech landscapes and elevate your operational strategy.

Executive insights: Generative AI’s top obstacles and opportunities in the enterprise

Are you maximizing the power of generative AI?

What are business leaders' perspectives on gen AI adoption, challenges, and best practices for better outcomes? Download this Unisys-sponsored HBR report.

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From Surviving to Thriving in Hybrid Work

From Surviving to Thriving in Hybrid Work: How Employee Experience Defines the Digital Workplace

Are you delivering the hybrid workplace employees want? From differences in communication styles to disparities in technology, our hybrid work research report reveals where employer and employee expectations diverge and outlines how to bridge this gap for a more productive and harmonious workplace.
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From Barriers to Breakthroughs

From Barriers to Breakthroughs: Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Cloud-Enabled Innovation

The next wave of digital transformation has emerged as the key enabler to foster innovation. Our latest research highlights the barriers to successful implementation and outlines the crucial actions organizations must take to unlock the full potential of their investments.
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Frontline in focus

Research insights: Frontline in focus

Unisys partnered with ISG to gather perspectives from 160 industry leaders to reveal crucial trends and insights. The research report reveals strategies for leveraging tools and technologies to amplify frontline output in your enterprise.

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