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DEI hero

We push for change

At Unisys, the approach to Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is simple: we are dedicated to building a Unisys where everyone thrives and belongs. We grasp the power that inclusion and diversity hold, not only in our work life but also in our ability to deliver extraordinary service to our clients and make a positive impact in the communities we call home.

Our mission is crystal clear: we foster a culture of inclusivity that champions respect, amplifies positive ideas, and ensures equal opportunities for all. We firmly believe that by cultivating such an environment, we unleash boundless potential for innovation and growth. We are resolute in our commitment to cultivating an inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment, not just for our amazing associates, but also for our cherished clients, valued partners, and esteemed suppliers.

We are laser-focused

We drive innovation. How? By embracing a kaleidoscope of diverse, authentic voices. We fervently believe that when every individual contributes their unique ideas, we unlock the true potential to serve our clients, empower our people, and uplift our communities. That's why we channel our unwavering energy into four key areas, propelling our Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives forward.

  • People - Build a diverse workforce that represents the communities we live in and serve.
  • Culture - Cultivate a respectful, equitable and inclusive workplace where every associate belongs.
  • Community - Advocate for issues that matter to our people and communities.
  • Market - Leverage diversity, equity and inclusion in our business practices.

We connect the dots

How do we ensure connection? Our Associate Impact Groups (AIGs) shine brightly, aligned with our mission, beliefs, and goals, these groups embody the variety of human experiences thriving within Unisys. With unwavering commitment, each AIG empowers associates from underrepresented groups and their allies.

Across the globe, these groups stand tall—five beacons of change. Gender, race and ethnicity, disability, LGBTQ+, and veteran's communities are embraced under their expansive umbrellas. And within these global groups, there are chapters dedicated to specific geographies or sub-groups, further amplifying their reach and impact. Our AIGs extend an open invitation to all, whether they belong to a particular group or proudly stand as a supporter or ally.

logo for women Associate Impact Group
Women+ AIG

The Women+ Network AIG includes women and their allies of any gender. The group offers women opportunities for leadership, networking and collaboration, as well as personal and professional development. In addition to the global group, the group has three chapters, based in Latin America, EMEA and in India.

logo for diversity Associate Impact Group
United by Diversity AIG

United by Diversity aims to foster a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable work environment for all Unisys associates. They have a specific focus on engaging, empowering, and developing underrepresented ethnic groups. This global group has chapters focused on black associates in Brazil (BlackU), black and African American associates in the United States and Canada (BUILD2) and Latinx associates across the world (Latinos Unidos).

logo for Diverse Abilities Associate Impact Group
Group for People with Diverse Abilities AIG

The Group for People with Diverse Abilities works to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for individuals with disabilities and their allies. This group provides support and education aimed at becoming an even more welcoming and inclusive community. The global group has an additional chapter based in Brazil.

logo for pride
Unisys Pride AIG

Unisys Pride AIG is focused on supporting LGBTQ+ associates and their allies, this group works to affect change via communication, education and support, and shares pertinent information with the broader Unisys community. The global group has a chapter in Latin America.

logo for veterans Associate Impact Group
Veteran AIG

The Unisys Veteran Associate Impact Group provides a community atmosphere in which military veterans and associates with a passion to support veterans can network, collaborate, and share resources and knowledge. The group assists with recruiting, developing, and retaining veteran talent.


Hear from some of our people

Working at Unisys, I have witnessed firsthand the unwavering commitment to diversity and belonging. It is deeply ingrained in the fabric of our culture. This commitment not only drives the innovation and creativity that Unisys is known for, but also creates a sense of belonging that transcends traditional boundaries. Through our Associate Impact Group for African American associates--Blacks United in Leadership, Development and Diversity—we have created a family within the Unisys community that not only embraces your individuality but also encourages you to thrive as your authentic self.

Harry Stubbs
Principal, Client Executive
Chapter Lead BUILD2 AIG

As French Veteran, I've rarely felt enthusiastic and proud to serve and belong to an organization that recognize everyone as a valuable contributor; it’s the most favorable environment I 've been part of so far. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are not just words at Unisys, I can testify this is a company fostering an inclusive culture that we can observe at every level daily.

Boris Jacrot
Disaster Recovery Expert
IT Specialist 3
Cloud Applications and Infrastructure Services

Coming together is a good start. Maintaining unity is progress and working together is victory. Mentoring and developing people with diverse skills was my most significant challenge as a professional. This was made possible because Unisys embraced me. There were several teams, leaders, projects and new businesses from which I learned many things. I have improved communication and more compassion for others. I am thankful for the opportunities here at Unisys.

Rute Barbosa da Mata
Administrative Assistant
Co-Lead: GPDA Global AIG
Lead: DALA Brazil Chapter

Unisys has given me a career and not just a job! As I navigated through different roles, I have utilized Unisys resources to develop my skills via formal and informal learning opportunities through Unisys University and mentorships. I have been involved with different Diversity initiatives and what really stands out is the genuine intent to develop and nurture diverse talent.

Avneet Hora
HR Senior Director
India HR

We push forward

Unisys is on a transformative journey towards an inclusive and welcoming culture. We are energized and optimistic, and although there's more work ahead, we are determined to create an environment where everyone feels valued and included.

Global Infographics Underrepresented Individuals in Unisys 2022

Our initiatives

Unwavering commitment is key. That is how we drive change. We dedicate ourselves to fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion not only within our organization but also extending our efforts to benefit our clients, suppliers, and the communities we proudly serve.

An important part of our global supply chain is our Supplier Diversity Program. This program provides guidance and support to all business units and ensures direction toward achieving company Supplier Diversity Goals.

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Unisys is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We will not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, LGBTQ+ status, gender, disability, veteran status, age or any other applicable characteristic. We are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment.

We are committed to supporting efforts that help advance diversity, equity and inclusion within our company and industry. We have taken action through organizations such as the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, and the Valuable 500.

Equity at Unisys means that every associate has the support they need to be successful, that they are recognized and rewarded for what they do and that there is sufficient governance to ensure consistency.

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DEI Awards and Accomplishments

We received accolades for our achievements from respected global and national nonprofit organizations, analysts, advocacy groups and publications. We’re gratified to accept recognition year after year on workforce diversity, equity and inclusion. We owe it to the relentless efforts of our associates who collaborate to create a welcoming, inclusive work environment.

Top 50 DEI

Named a "Noteworthy" company that shows potential to reach the DiversityInc Top 50 list that offers a comprehensive overview of total workforce diversity

Forbes 2023 best employers for diversity

Ranked 161st out of 500 companies

forbes the best employers women 2023

Ranked 63rd out of 400 companies

dei best place to work 2023

100% score for disability workplace inclusion

divhersity awards

Award for large enterprises meeting and surpassing their diversity and inclusion goals, making the workplace in India a women-friendly space

divhersity awards

Recognized for innovative policies, contributing to making the workplace in India a women-friendly space

Women empowerment

Champion of Board Diversity

HR Tech Summit & Awards 2023

Best Workplace Diversity Hiring – Unisys India was honored for their focused diversity hiring initiatives across the company.

Our commitment to DEI in recent years includes aligning with the following leadership organizations. The evolution of many of our practices, policies and programs is influenced, directly and indirectly, by our participation in these initiatives:

CEO action for diversity and inclusion logo
women empowerment principles logo
Valuable 500 logo