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Unisys Security Index New Zealand

Key Findings in New Zealand

New Zealanders fear privacy invasion and data theft but put themselves at risk when working from home. And yet...


Don’t want monitoring to ensure they only use their work computers when working from home


Not aware of "SMiShing" – phishing scams via SMS


Admit to downloading unauthorised apps or software for work purposes


Don’t know who to report a data breach to

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News Releases

New Survey Finds Many New Zealanders Are Not Taking Basic Precautions to Protect Themselves from Cyber Threats When Working from Home
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New Zealanders Push Back on Monitoring Technology When Working From Home – New Approach to Performance Management Required
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Employers rely on employees to do the right thing to prevent cyber attacks. But this is a big ask when New Zealanders are being targeted by more ransomware attacks than ever before. Moreover, the research shows that Kiwis are not attentive to cyber risks on mobile devices. Employers need to ensure that their security measures encompass mobile devices used for work – even if they are owned by the employee. Scammers tailor very sophisticated attacks that mimic organisations people trust in order to trick them into clicking on a link or downloading an app – such as a text message pretending to be about a courier delivery. That may launch malicious code or cause them to unwittingly provide personal details. And those details can be used for identity and financial fraud or to mimic their profile to access their employer’s systems.

Industry director of cybersecurity, Unisys Asia Pacific

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A Regional Perspective

The 2021 Unisys Security Index was conducted in 11 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Click on a country below to dive into the local findings.

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