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United States

2021 Unisys Security Index™ United States

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Key Findings in the United States

Internet security concerns jumped dramatically, up 25 points YoY to become the highest area of concern in the US, however:


More than three in five are unaware of mobile security risks like SMS phishing


Three quarters are unaware of SIM jacking or PAC fraud, when a scammer can access your phone from theirs


Over half of US workers are downloading unauthorized apps or software for work purposes


Two thirds of US workers are not comfortable with their employer monitoring their log-in activity when working from home

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Unisys Security Index News Release

News Release

The Hybrid Workplace at Risk: Americans More Concerned about Cybersecurity than Ever, yet Nearly Six in 10 Download Unauthorized Software, Apps

Expert Insights into Cloud and Hybrid Workplace Risks

2021 Unisys Security Index™: AWS Discussion on Cloud and Remote Work Trends Over the Past Year
2021 Unisys Security Index™: Dell Discussion on the Role of Digital Experience in the Work From Home Era
It’s likely that many people don’t understand the security risks of what they’re doing when they go around their IT department, but it underscores how important it is for organizations to recognize how your employees feel, ensure quality communication and collaboration experiences, and equip your workforce with appropriate tools that are adopted rather than bypassed.
— Leon Gilbert,

senior vice president and general manager, Digital Workplace Solutions, Unisys

A Regional Perspective

The 2021 Unisys Security Index was conducted in 11 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Click on a country below to dive into the local findings.

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