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Protecting against threats and attacks​

Business challenge

Secure the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s assets, while enabling them to quickly implement changes and deliver services to customers.

Business outcomes

  • Increased agility, security and stability to deliver protection benefits to EUIPO’s employees, companies, National IP Offices, IP law firms and citizens by quickly developing and implementing new physical security features; secured access for 1,500+ staff/contractors and a campus comprising 3 buildings covering 100,000+ square meters​
  • Safeguarded IP across 500+ million clients, and assets, including ~135,000 EU trademarks and ~100,000 designs registered annually, via advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities​
  • Gained the ability to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to threats across the entire physical security lifecycle and corporate environments​
  • Delivered sustainable insights via a user-friendly platform that can easily integrate with existing single-purpose solutions, including access to a knowledge database of security integration best practices


Unisys Cybersecurity Solutions, including consultancy services and integration services for end-to-end securitization; Application Services to integrate physical security systems with corporate applications (Allegro HR management platform for 800+ staff, SAP ERP system, Vending and Catering platform, access clearance documentation compliance for 5,000+ visitors annually, and Photo Exporter for corporate ID cards) and existing IT platforms.