Unisys Security Index™ UK

Unisys Security Index™ U.K.

National security, including war or terrorism, now the top concern in the U.K. with fears over personal security, financial security and internet security all on the rise


Key findings in the U.K.

The Unisys Security Index measures concerns of consumers on issues related to national, personal, financial and Internet security around the world. 85% of Brits are seriously concerned about financial security, including bankcard fraud. Learn more about concerns in the other areas.

Concerns in the U.K. over national, financial, internet and personal security have increased significantly

War and terrorism rank as the highest security issues cited by the British public with 52 percent citing serious concerns

NEWBrits largely support sharing personal data with Police and Healthcare providers but not if it means losing control of personal data

U.K. consumers support Internet of things technology to promote safety and convenience but do not want to be monitored continuously

Factors such as terror attacks, high profile cyber-attacks and the rising cost of living are all outside the public’s control and they are major contributing factors to the Unisys Security Index registering record levels of concern in the U.K.

Salvatore Sinno
Chief Security Architect, Unisys


Read the 2017 Unisys Security Index findings for the U.K.

The attitudes of consumers around the world are dramatically changing, at the same time that their anxiety over security is dramatically increasing.

The 2017 survey

Conducted in 13 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific Pacific.

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