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Take the frustration out of air travel experience

Hypercompetition in the industry is driving airlines to shift to new business models that include retailing of aeronautical and non-aeronautical products and services, as well as the adoption of IATA NDC standards. To stay ahead of the competition, airlines need to improve customer loyalty by providing enhanced and personalized customer experience, expanding ecommerce capabilities and streamlining operational complexities. To meet these requirements, airlines need to embrace modern, secure and cost-effective technologies and solutions that will enable them to enhance their revenue streams and provide superior air travel experience to passengers throughout their journey.

Unisys AirCore® is a modern airline Passenger Service System (PSS) that optimizes the air travel experience from take-off to landing and beyond. With a full range of core services – including inventory, order management, reservations, ticketing, and departure control – this comprehensive, modular system can complement, enhance, or replace your legacy PSS.

AirCore helps you reset the conversation with your customers and take business to a new level of performance. You are empowered to maximize revenues and enhance customer loyalty by personalizing the customer experience, expanding ecommerce capabilities, and streamlining operational complexities. Plus, Unisys has partnered with Microsoft to make AirCore globally available in the cloud via Microsoft Azure, as well as via an industry-unique licensing model.

As a GDS-neutral, NDC-supported, and API-enabled PSS, AirCore integrates with the digital platforms of distributors, commerce partners and service providers. And, it’s protected by Unisys Stealth® security solutions to form a completely secure environment.

Soar to Success with AirCore:

  • Superior Capabilities. Enjoy premium platform capabilities – regardless of your airline business model or the size of your company.
  • Continuous Innovation. Pave the way for evolving industry initiatives such as OneOrder and OneID.
  • Customer Focus. Leverage customer values and preferences across automated processes to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Seamless Transformation. Smooth your transition from a legacy PSS to modern airline retailing.
  • Competitive Edge. Improve speed to market for new initiatives.

With a PSS solution for all airline business models, AirCore can modernize and simplify the passenger experience while driving increased airline customer satisfaction and loyalty.