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Coventry Building Society

Driving exceptional customer experience


  • Build brand strength and improve member service across branches. ​


  • Unisys Branch Banking Solutions to process transactions in a secure, open plan environment; integrated with intelligent cash recyclers to safely and automatically accept and dispense cash in branches. ​


  • Enhanced the working environment by automating cash transactions, thus improving productivity and freeing staff to focus on providing expert guidance to members
  • Enabled a warm and friendly member experience by leveraging technology in new branch collaboration areas
  • Realized a more cost-effective and flexible operation of the teller application

How one of the UK’s leading building societies has worked with Unisys to enable exceptional customer service for 20 years

Coventry Building Society, the second largest building society in the UK, has long had a tradition of offering superior financial products to its members while nurturing and fostering strong relationships through exceptional customer service provided across all channels of its operations. In addition, it takes great pride in having ‘World Class’ colleague engagement and was recently placed 8th in the Best Big Companies to Work For list. Over the past 20 years, Coventry Building Society has relied on Unisys to enable its branch colleagues to focus on serving their customers, supported by stable and reliable technology solutions. The relationship started in 2001 when the Society introduced its new Focus Branch Teller System, based on the Unisys Financial Transaction Manager (FTM) Retail Banking framework.

“I am delighted that the continuously evolving Unisys solution at Coventry Building Society has not only established Unisys as a reliable and trusted supplier but also played a vital role in the Society’s branch transformation program,” says Balkar Singh, Global Application Services leader at Unisys. “Twenty years is a significant partnership milestone, and we look forward to further strengthening that partnership and providing additional value to Coventry Building Society.”

Since then, the Focus Branch Teller system has undergone several platform upgrades incorporating regular enhancements over the years to continually meet the Society’s ever-growing needs in its dynamically evolving branch operations. The FTM framework has now been rebranded as Unisys Branch Banking Solutions. For many decades, the Society’s branch network has been the cornerstone for establishing, maintaining and developing relationships with its loyal customers by enabling caring, informed discussions and understanding of their financial needs in a warm and welcoming environment. Over the course of this strong and enduring relationship, Unisys has continually supported the Society with regular key upgrades, as well as major innovations and transformational initiatives, the latest of which was the major Branch Re-design program, aimed to transform the Society’s branches into member community hubs, with a new appearance and a warm, welcoming ambience, backed up by the technology needed to enable class-leading service. In 2018, Unisys played a key role in supporting the Branch Re-design program by working with several partners and the Society to extend the Focus Teller application and enable the Society to introduce new intelligent Teller Cash Recycler (TCR) devices to the branches. As the Branch Re-design is being rolled out to the Society branch network, the feedback received from the Society customers, the branch staff and the public has been exceptionally positive. Many financial institutions that rely on a high street presence to enable the face-to-face dialogue that many customers want when making key financial decisions have faced numerous challenges because of the COVID pandemic. Keeping branches open, welcoming and accessible during this time has been massively reassuring for members, reinforcing the role of the Society as a trusted advisor in the community.

In 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic, Unisys was proud to support the Society in redeploying the Focus infrastructure as part of its Data Center Transformation program. This aimed to deliver a more cost-efficient and flexible operation of the Teller application within the context of the Target Operation Model. Unisys continues to work with Coventry Building Society into the third decade and is currently focused on enabling further optimizations in branch operations. We are working together to upgrade branch workstations and consolidate several peripheral devices into one to declutter the branch staff desktop environment and facilitate more efficient operations at the till.

“Over the past 20 years, the demands from our members may have changed. However, the importance of a great experience in the branch has not. Unisys has been a constant part of our IT Services offering and remains a key part of what our members still demand of us today,” says Jason Evans, Head of Practice – Infrastructure Platforms at Coventry Building Society. “Working with a partner that understands our value on customer service is so important, and in Unisys, we have that.”

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