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Unisys Exodus
Execute enterprise device migration quickly, securely and at scale
Deliver a seamless end-user experience
Reduce the burden on IT
Automate workflows and fully track all devices

Device and endpoint migration made easy

Exodus bridges the gap between your source and target systems, giving you complete control over your enterprise fleet of devices and endpoints while minimizing management time. You gain:

Device and Program Migration

Simplify the migration of all types of devices

Migrate Android, iOS and macOS devices, including iOS DEP and Android Enterprise.

Experience a cloud-based management tool designed by UEM administrators for UEM administrators. With the Clean Console for Admins, you can maintain visibility of your users and device migration status throughout the process, thanks to Exodus’ real-time migration tracking via API integrations. Whether you are migrating 100, 1,000 or 10,000 devices, Exodus scales to meet your organization’s needs. Whether you’re switching on-premises or SaaS UEM tenants, Exodus can help you migrate Android, iOS and macOS devices. It also supports both iOS DEP and Android Enterprise.

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Cloud Simplicity

Experience the ease of a cloud-based migration

Enable greater self-sufficiency and an incredibly flexible and scalable user experience.

Since Exodus runs in the cloud, it is highly flexible and scalable, with no equipment integration or deployment needed. Exodus offers an incredibly flexible and scalable experience without requiring integration or deployment of additional equipment. Launch your migration efforts in waves and allow your users to complete their device migrations at their convenience.

Companion App

Follow intuitive steps to migrate in minutes

Provide a streamlined user experience with an app deployed directly on your devices.

With the Companion App, you’ll provide an intuitive migration experience that employees can complete on their own time without hindering productivity. Users follow intuitive steps to execute the migration in minutes while the app monitors the device’s battery life, ensures Wi-Fi connectivity and sends status updates until the process is complete. Most importantly, the application tracks the device from start to finish, so none go missing while unenrolled.

Supported environments

  • UEM solution: Workspace ONE, Microsoft Intune, MobileIron Cloud, MobileIron Core, Jamf Pro, SOTI MobiControl

  • Device OS/platform: Android, iOS, macOS

  • OS management program: Android Enterprise, Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

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Experience the benefits of Exodus

Keep track securely

With any migration process, there is a critical phase between a device's unenrollment and re-enrollment when it is not bound to any of your systems. Exodus helps ensure no device is lost, with security at the forefront for every device in any location.

Save time

Exodus applies a simple and frictionless process for IT and end users, drastically decreasing the migration timeframe.

Cut your budget

Exodus reduces migration time, engineering requirements, end-user support and manual operations on each device, substantially decreasing the budget of any UEM migration project.

Streamline UEM Migration with Exodus

Streamline your EMM migration, for your team and users. Save time and money.