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Exodus for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Migration

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Short on time? Here's an overview: 

Managing a UEM migration can feel like a job unto itself. Add in your day-to-day work overseeing your organization’s IT operations, and a migration can be overwhelming to run. Unisys, through its acquisition of Mobinergy, offers an industry leading solution — Exodus — to help you seamlessly manage your enterprise UEM migration. With features including a cloud-based infrastructure, support for a wide variety of leading UEM solutions and operating systems, and a user-friendly companion app, Exodus helps ensure a smooth and stress-free migration of your devices.

In an increasingly connected world, companies face the challenge of managing disparate enterprise-connected devices. To simplify this effort, organizations choose to employ a UEM solution to help streamline IT operations with a single managed console.

Over time, organizations may see a variety of tempting new features, such as support for specific devices, advanced enterprise integration or price incentives to prompt a change of UEM providers. Due to the number, complexity and value of managed device fleets, UEM migrations can be quite complicated. With the right solution, your organization can ensure a secure, user-centric and cohesive migration experience. The strength of UEM migration tools lies in their ability to deliver a frictionless end-user experience (EUX) on top of securing major cost and time savings for your company.