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Unisys Modern Device Management

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Unisys Modern Device Management - Overview

Short on time? Here's an overview:

A company’s single-person IT staff has the responsibility to provision 200 devices. Without automation, this is a high-touch, time-consuming project. With Unisys Modern Device Management, the IT worker is able to “be in 200 places at once” to provision and provide ongoing support for this fleet of devices.

Gain better control of your devices. Give a better experience to your workers.

Pressure from every side

The productivity of your workers is closely tied to the devices they use – and in today’s “office-less office,” those devices are constantly growing in number, variety, and complexity. This plethora of devices, applications, and virtualized technologies is driving a critical need for supporting any device and application type by using common tools and processes to efficiently deliver a positive and secure user experience. This puts you under enormous pressure from two opposing forces. On the one hand, you are called on to empower digital workers by giving them anytime/anywhere access to corporate resources and applications, regardless of the devices they use. On the other hand, you have the responsibility of securing these multiplying devices against cyberattacks.

Security and satisfaction

At Unisys, we resolve these dual pressures through Modern Device Management. We give you the ability to efficiently provision, track, image, secure, deploy, and manage all devices and applications in your environment—regardless of whether they involve traditional, virtual, mobile, or emerging technologies.

With your fleet of devices fully protected, your digital workers have the flexibility to do their jobs in ways that fit their individual role requirements and unique work patterns. But we deliver more than just flexibility with Unisys Modern Device Management - your employees get an End-User Experience (EUX) that is seamless and consistent across all devices and locations, increasing their satisfaction and boosting their productivity.