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From surviving to thriving in hybrid work

How employee experience defines the digital workplace 

49% of employees lose between one and five hours per week dealing with IT issues
33% of employees believe that security restrictions have a high to very high impact on their day-to-day productivity
92% of employees are willing to share data if it means IT can proactively resolve tech issues

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Bridging the gap between employers and employees

From differences in communication styles to technological disparities, how can employers bridge the gap between employees' expectations and their own for a more productive and harmonious workplace? Weston Morris, Unisys Senior Director of Global Strategy for Digital Workplace Solutions, discusses key research findings with Phil Fersht and Melissa O' Brien of HFS Research.

The quality of your digital employee experience directly impacts business outcomes. Unisys’ Unified Experience Management (UXM) solution equips organizations to create data-driven, experience-centric digital workplaces that drive business results.

Transform your hybrid workplace employee experience

Delivering an outstanding employee experience is no small task. Partner with Unisys to take your hybrid workplace to the next level.