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The Unisys Approach

Unisys’ relationship with 150-year-old Bancolombia began in 1974 when the firm acquired a bank that was our customer. Unisys then installed and managed Bancolombia ATMs in the first information outsourcing agreement in the nation’s history.

Today, our partnership extends to supporting 31,900 direct and 20,000 third-party employees with Help Desk, on-site support, logistics and warehouse services, field engineering, and secure ClearPath Forward systems and services. We provide IT support through a cloud-based omnichannel contact center that handles around 130,000 requests monthly. At three Bancolombia locations we deliver in-person support services at Tech Cafés staffed by Unisys that feature technology vending machines that dispense accessories and other products needed by Bancolombia’s young digital-native staff.

Client partnership

Our shared history gives us deep knowledge of Bancolombia’s business. Our team and the bank’s leaders collaborate on an ongoing basis to develop a comprehensive technology roadmap as part of our award-winning Unisys Client Success Program.

Fulfills 66,000 requests per month

Unisys collaborates with clients to map every step of their IT journey, from quick, one-week projects to significant upgrades and cloud migrations. Our ongoing shared strategic planning enabled Unisys to rapidly transition Bancolombia’s 51,900 direct and indirect employees to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, when we launched a new contact center that now fulfills 66,000 requests a month. When they wanted to introduce digital workplace services and shorten recovery times for a mission-critical factoring system, we were ready with a replacement.

The bank's existing disaster recovery (DR) solution provider could support only 80% of the features needed, preventing a return to full operation when running in DR mode. Unisys launched a cloud-based solution with all required features on a fully virtual VMware instance. Bancolombia realized a 90% reduction in the total cost of DR system ownership and cut the time needed to move from a production server to a DR server by 50%. Unisys provides application security across the bank’s infrastructure. The bank also relies on Unisys ClearPath MCP with Stealth(identity)™ cybersecurity and data loss protection (DLP) services to provide secure and reliable support services that keep employees working at peak productivity.

Savings and agility

“Our digital service priorities were transformed and fast-tracked due to COVID-19,” said Walter Duque Bancolombia Infrastructure Availability Manager. “Unisys migrated our factoring business to a fully virtual environment to ensure business continuity with reduced TCO.” Following the completion of this project, the bank was ready for the unexpected disruption caused by COVID-19:

  • In spite of the pandemic, moved internal IT support and customer experience and reported increased employee productivity with secure, convenient digital support services
  • Enabled the organization to maintain critical financial decision-making operations in DR mode
  • Eliminated the DR dependence on physical infrastructure, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership by 90%

Digital Workplace Solutions aren’t hard when you work with Unisys. We do hard really well. You can be sure your project will be completed on time, on time and on budget, and that it will exceed your expectations.project-agility

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