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Secure Automated Login Environments

Secure automated login environments

uLogon is an authentication solution that enables the user to enjoy the benefits of an automated login environment. It enhances the security of the authentication process beyond passwords by requiring an additional authentication layer like biometrics (palm veins), smartcards or tokens.

Using specific readers, the uLogon software allows users to execute automated session engagement and disengagement interactions (Unlock, Login, Log-off, Lock) with the network on their Windows workstations. This process ensures that users are indeed who they claim to be.

The solution may include specific devices, such as hand-vein sensors featuring multiple sensor enclosures, e.g. mouse or keyboard with integrated sensors and the necessary Unisys uLogon Software for the workstation and the server.

The biometric uLogon solution is easy to implement and functions on the self-enrollment concept. Using a hand vein sensor, the uLogon software enables users to self-enroll on any Windows workstation by storing the encrypted vein image in the identity store.

To login to a windows workstation, users can enter the user name and hold the registered hand over the sensor. The biometric features are then extracted from the infrared picture and compared with the stored features in the identity store. On successful validation, the windows password is transferred to the Windows logon procedure.

Real World Application: Swift, secure access to shared workstations in multi-user environments

To swiftly and adequately serve customers, many businesses today need open (public) workstations. Banks, healthcare clinics, and manufacturing and shop floors require workstations/desktops that facilitate seamless access to records and critical applications.

But in choosing speed over security, IT administrators often create generic login credentials for these workstations, relying on user discretion for protection. As a result, these vulnerable workstations:

  • Create security gaps and compliance issues
  • Make it difficult to record the activity of individual users for future audits

The uLogon biometric authentication solution takes care of this by validating identities using palm-vein biometrics. The solution enables unique identification of multiple users on the same workstation without compromising on security.

Furthermore, the uLogon software takes care of traceability and control issues by logging the activities of individual users and preventing unauthorised access.​