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Efficient Authorization

Efficient authorization

Today, organizations implement some form of user authentication to authorize access to enterprise resources. The business need is to deploy authentication mechanisms that allow enterprises to:

  • Verify user permissions before granting access to corporate data, and
  • Monitor user activity through various logging mechanisms

But the recent surge in high-profile security breaches has exposed the weakness of certain forms of authentication. This is particularly true in case of organizations deploying usernames and passwords for authentication purposes - simple password can often be guessed or hacked, and a complicated password is difficult to remember. For businesses, every forgotten or compromised password can result in lost employee productivity and an increase in help desk support cost.

Furthermore, non-compliant practices like unattended/unlocked PCs, storing passwords in an easily accessible form (printed/written down), password sharing and more are adding to an organizations’ security and privacy issues.

In today’s authentication environment, the business challenge is to control cost, deliver the requested quality of service, achieve regulatory compliance and fulfill all security requirements with a convenient secure solution. Businesses need to deploy strong authentication solutions that deliver security, efficiency and control in a cost effective manner and help protect against the changing threat landscape. The question is – is it possible?

With Unisys’ uLogon Solution, organizations can:

  • Increase security by allowing legitimate users to access sensitive data anytime, anywhere
  • Improve communication within the organization by providing users with secure and widespread access to necessary business data and applications
  • Increase productivity by significantly reducing the time spent on password administration and maintenance by both users and help desk personnel
  • Improve regulatory and audit compliance by enabling secure user access and providing a proven method for protecting internal data and networks
  • Improve quality through full traceability and accountability
  • Increase user convenience - Freedom from remembering passwords
  • Reduce operational cost, especially the helpdesk interaction costs

It’s not just about implementing a point solution. It’s about integrating uLogon with your security posture to secure the enterprise-wide process of validating identities with the ease of management of a point solution.​​