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Unisys PowerSuite® UCC Management and Security Suite

Deliver a seamless and secure employee experience across Microsoft Teams and Zoom platforms with PowerSuite.

Proactively monitor collaborative workspaces
Identify, resolve and prevent issues from recurring
Manage and minimize digital sprawl with customizable governance policies
Deliver an effortless yet secure collaboration experience
Grow employee satisfaction and productivity with uninterrupted workdays

Become a communication and collaboration champion

Take a single-pane-of-glass approach to manage and remediate issues across enterprise unified communication and collaboration (UCC) platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. With PowerSuite, you can manage, optimize and secure UCC platforms from a centralized dashboard to deliver a seamless and secure end-user experience.

PowerSuite Collaboration

Optimize your enterprise collaboration platforms

Proactively manage and improve your UCC experience with cross-platform analytics, troubleshooting and intelligent reporting.

For many organizations, enterprise collaboration platforms are the backbone of their digital workforce, enabling employees to complete tasks more efficiently from anywhere in the world. However, to optimize employee experience, productivity and cost savings, organizations require additional support for UCC connectivity and collaboration issues.

With PowerSuite Collaboration’s unified UCC management dashboard, IT teams can quickly detect, resolve and even proactively prevent communication failures, such as a dropped call or a crashed app. Make collaboration a stress- and hassle-free experience using PowerSuite’s predictive collaboration analytics to troubleshoot and fix problems before the end user is even aware of an issue.

PowerSuite Experience

Solution highlights

  • Benchmarking Analytics allow you to monitor site-to-site, geo-to-geo and platform-to-platform performance data to address problems immediately.
  • PowerSuite Help Desk improves end-user satisfaction and minimizes problem resolution time using analytics and actionable, prescriptive guidance across various usage and adoption issues.
  • Intelligent Reporting tracks problems, usage and adoption across UCC platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  • Insights Center proactively identifies impactful ways to optimize platform performance using AI- and ML-powered analytics.
  • Session Border Controller monitoring ensures comprehensive room system coverage is centralized into a single monitoring dashboard.
  • System Troubleshooting identifies top problem areas and guides IT teams through optimal resolution steps, whether for outdated Wi-Fi drivers, incorrect protocol usage, inconsistent wireless internals, or other issues.

Solution benefits

  • Effective collaboration platform management and monitoring beyond the platform’s standard capabilities
  • Improved employee experience and worker productivity due to proactive and preventive troubleshooting
  • More effective, dependable and secure teamwork across cloud-native and on-premises communication and collaboration platforms
  • Enhanced system performance and end-user experiences
  • Reduced costs due to significantly lower IT admin hours
After making its first acquisition in 17 years, Unisys looks for more

PowerSuite Governance

Discover and remediate collaboration security blind spots

Apply comprehensive risk analysis and strong yet flexible security policies that automate your UCC platform governance.

Organizations today are challenged with balancing data security and employee experience in their digital workplaces, from unilaterally strict collaboration governance policies to sprawling, disorganized Teams and SharePoint sites.

PowerSuite Governance empowers enterprises to implement specialized collaboration security policies and automated governance workflows to enable worker productivity without exposing company data. The tool highlights collaboration security vulnerabilities, implements flexible, automated governance policies and minimizes digital sprawl, freeing employees to focus on what’s most important to the business.

Solution highlights

  • Collaboration security score analyzes factors such as data sensitivity, guest profiles and more to identify your top collaboration security vulnerabilities.
  • Blind spot visualization dynamically identifies suspicious behavior and configuration changes to prevent data loss.
  • Guest access spotlights who, how and to what extent external partners and guests are allowed to access systems and information.
  • Team analytics highlights inactive or single-owner teams, compiling metadata identifying owners, members, creation date and more.
  • Establish alerts for high-priority policies.
  • Save time with customized governance workflow automation that allows “set-and-forget” enforcement parameters.
  • Immediately notify security policy violators with automated instructional emails.
  • Auto escalate sensitive policies as part of an integrated workflow.
  • Auto forward issues to the service desk to ensure follow-ups on concerns such as guest accounts older than 180 days, one-owner teams and more.
  • AI-powered policy management defines customized and adaptive enterprise-grade policies.
  • Adaptive scopes dynamically select the appropriate teams for nuanced policy compliance.
  • Impact analysis models new policies before they go live to prevent errors.
  • Lifecycle policies minimize digital sprawl by setting time- or activity-based expirations, whether at a team, tenant, or custom level.
  • Smart policy management provides AI-powered recommendations for new or improved policies.
  • Compliance monitoring consolidates policy violations into a single dashboard for easy analysis.

Solution benefits

  • Discover and fix your top collaboration security weaknesses to prevent the proliferation of shadow IT.
  • Create a strong yet flexible governance infrastructure to secure collaboration platforms without impeding employee productivity.
  • Automate security policy workflows to save time and money while delivering a positive employee experience.
  • Ensure operational excellence and increase productivity by applying actionable insights.

PowerSuite Experience

Transform employee experience with AI-driven intelligence

Leverage AI to analyze data across disparate data sets and dispense near-real-time remediation recommendations to enhance employee experience.

Better employee experiences require an organization to adopt a predictive posture. However, analyzing and drawing actionable insights from increasingly large amounts of data becomes exponentially more complicated as the amount of data to be analyzed increases. PowerSuite Experience leverages AI to analyze data across disparate data sets and dispense near-real-time remediation recommendations that will drive experience-level agreement (XLA) improvement.

PowerSuite Plus

Meet the all-in-one solution for digital workplace excellence

Experience all the capabilities of PowerSuite Collaboration and PowerSuite Governance in one integrated solution.

For companies looking to achieve stellar collaboration platform connectivity, data security and user productivity, PowerSuite Plus offers the all-in-one solution. PowerSuite Plus delivers the full capabilities of both PowerSuite Collaboration and PowerSuite Governance for a seamless end-user experience.

Empower your enterprise IT teams and enable a hybrid workforce with actionable insights across six critical areas of digital workplace collaboration.

PowerSuite Plus

Unisys PowerSuite®

The PowerSuite Management and Security Suite delivers multi-faceted capabilities and integrated functionality in six key areas critical to unified communication and collaboration (UCC) platform success: user experience, administration and automation, governance, intelligent reporting, monitoring and security analytics.

Take action based on critical insight

PowerSuite offers actionable insights for six critical areas of digital workplace collaboration that organizations can use to take action:

  • Device management
  • Flexible policy enforcement
  • Phone number management

PowerSuite Administration and Automation

  • Adaptive scopes
  • Compliance
  • Guest policies
  • Impact analysis
  • Lifecycle management
  • Team policies
  • Smart policy management

PowerSuite Governance

  • Call reporting
  • Problem management
  • Service reviews
  • System troubleshooting
  • Usage and adoption

PowerSuite Intelligent Reporting

  • End-to-end availability
  • PSTN availability
  • Room monitoring and problem management

PowerSuite Monitoring

  • Guest access
  • Risk assessment
  • Team analytics
  • User reporting

PowerSuite Security Analytics

  • Executive and room experience tracking
  • Help desk
  • User satisfaction

PowerSuite User Experience