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From Barriers to Breakthroughs: Unisys Cloud Insights Report 2023

Unlock growth opportunities with cloud-enabled innovation

The long-term value of innovative technology has caused many organizations to invest in more digital capabilities despite economic uncertainty and competing priorities. Unisys couldn’t help but wonder how organizations have progressed in their digital transformation journeys, so we explored a spectrum of technologies, from cloud and data analytics to AI. We surveyed 2,264 business and technology leaders across four regions. What we found was clear: Investing in technology can yield amazing results, including speeding up time to market, delighting customers and reducing risk. However, it must be done right.

Long-term success requires full and thoughtful integration as well as a careful balance between human and technological elements. Many challenges can stand in the way of an organization reaching its full potential, such as strategic alignment, lack of governance, complex technological landscapes, skills gaps, incompatible operating models and heightened levels of risk. Our research sheds light on these obstacles and outlines five key strategies for overcoming them:

  1. Emphasize cloud maturity for a solid innovation foundation. Advanced organizations prioritize business growth built on secure cloud foundations.
  2. Infuse AI into your business for greater productivity. It can address challenges like strategy and talent.
  3. Align IT and C-suite priorities for progress. Focusing on shared goals will boost effective collaboration.
  4. Design a talent strategy for breakthroughs. Up-to-date training and acquiring relevant skills are significant factors for many organizations.
  5. Strengthen cybersecurity to counter rising threats. The expanding technology environment has increased risks, yet most organizations still need to balance response and prevention methods.