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Turn your cloud plans into reality

Unisys Cloud Migration and Modernization

Demand is rising for a cloud migration solution that offers continuous stakeholder engagement, feedback and issue resolution. However, talent shortages, capacity constraints, aging hardware and reliability challenges complicate matters. You need a smooth, disruption-free transition of applications to the cloud.

The Unisys Cloud Migration and Modernization solution offers a comprehensive, secure and phased approach to cloud migration and modernization.

Unisys begins with workshops to gather information about your business case and technical and business requirements. After assessing your migration readiness and understanding your priorities for rehosting versus refactoring, Unisys experts design and build cloud target environments to host your applications.

Migrating to the cloud is only the first step. You are laying the foundation for a more modern, agile and secure IT environment. Unisys subsequently helps modernize business applications to meet your evolving needs.