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Manage ESG compliance across your supply chain

Assess your entire value chain with the ESG Orchestration Manager

Private and public sector organizations worldwide are recognizing the need for ESG sustainability initiatives to comply with new regulations and to protect their reputation in the market. But what does this mean for your organization?

The increasing number of regulations and requirements brought up by governments and investors are supply chain related. Some examples are the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive by the European Union or new Securities Exchange Commission reporting standards in the U.S. Companies are responsible for reviewing, understanding and reporting on their supply chains from end to end. To simplify ESG-related supply chain monitoring, the Unisys ESG Orchestration Manager solution can extract real-time ESG data and analyze and report on it, allowing you to make strategic ad hoc adjustments to meet your company’s ESG goals.

A daunting task transformed into a manageable process — that’s the power of Unisys ESG Orchestration Manager.