SIEM and advanced microsegmentation create a force multiplier

Unisys has partenered with SIEM leader LogRhythm for one simple reason: Enterprise networks are large, highly complex, and network managers are often overwhelmed by the volume of logs. Those logs usually contain a great deal of noise, making it difficult to identify critical security events.

At the same time, regulatory and compliance requirements are becoming more challenging and require more demands on limited time. To keep pace, many enterprises are investing in expensive, complex solutions or are adapting combinations of technology. These ad-hoc approaches often lack the resources required to become situationally aware.

At Unisys, we recognize that your security is as effective as your security intelligence, and that to overcome sophisticated security challenges, you need well-fabricated security intelligence from a number of technologies and threat sources.

To meet these requirements, Unisys amassed multiple key SIEM ingredients powered by LogRhythm technology, and incorporated them into our Stealth™ microsegmentation solution. This combination of industry-leading technologies allows us to offer a variety of security services, including:

  • Security Monitoring
  • Unisys Managed Security Services
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Advanced Security Analytics
  • Incident Response and Orchestration

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