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Unisys PowerSuite™ Management and Security Suite

Manage, optimize and secure your enterprise collaboration platforms with a single tool

Organizations are striving to consistently deliver a positive employee experience across collaboration platforms. Yet achieving remote work connectivity, data security and user efficiency can be challenging, especially in an ever-evolving work environment.

Unisys’ PowerSuite™ Management and Security Suite offers the solution. This proven cross-platform software suite empowers IT teams to manage, optimize and secure unified communication and collaboration (UCC) platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. PowerSuite’s centralized dashboards provide a single-pane-of-glass approach to not only manage and remediate issues across enterprise UCC platforms, but also to predictively enact policies to prevent future failures, creating a unified end-user experience.

Empower your end-users with PowerSuite Collaboration

Enterprises are turning to PowerSuite’s cross-platform dashboard to improve productivity, employee experience, and cost savings. With a unified UCC platform management dashboard, IT teams can quickly detect, resolve and even proactively prevent communication failures, such as a dropped call or a crashed app. See how PowerSuite’s predictive collaboration analytics can empower you to troubleshoot and resolve issues before the end user is even aware of a problem.

Take control of collaboration security with PowerSuite Governance

Digital workplaces have introduced a variety of collaboration security challenges. From unilaterally strict security policies to sprawling, disorganized Teams and SharePoint sites, employees face issues daily due to suboptimal collaboration governance. Companies need flexible, advanced collaboration governance to enable employee productivity without leaving company data exposed. See how PowerSuite’s specialized collaboration governance tools go beyond UCC apps’ native capabilities to meet your employees’ needs. From in-depth risk analysis and adaptive security policies to automated workflows that create significant time savings, PowerSuite Governance delivers a stellar yet secure end-user experience.

Optimize your enterprise collaboration with PowerSuite

Provide a standout end-user experience with proactive and secure UCC management.

Take action based on critical insight

PowerSuite offers actionable insights for six critical areas of digital workplace collaboration that organizations can use to take action:

  • Device management
  • Flexible policy enforcement
  • Phone number management

PowerSuite Administration and Automation

  • Adaptive scopes
  • Compliance
  • Guest policies
  • Impact analysis
  • Lifecycle management
  • Team policies
  • Smart policy management

PowerSuite Governance

  • Call reporting
  • Problem management
  • Service reviews
  • System troubleshooting
  • Usage and adoption

PowerSuite Intelligent Reporting

  • End-to-end availability
  • PSTN availability
  • Room monitoring and problem management

PowerSuite Monitoring

  • Guest access
  • Risk assessment
  • Team analytics
  • User reporting

PowerSuite Security Analytics

  • Executive and room experience tracking
  • Help desk
  • User satisfaction

PowerSuite User Experience

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