Business Description


Unisys Corporation, a Delaware corporation (“Unisys,” “we,” “our,” the “Company”), is a global information technology (“IT”) company that specializes in providing industry-focused solutions integrated with leading-edge security to clients in the government, commercial and financial services markets. Our offerings include security solutions, advanced data analytics, cloud and infrastructure services, application services and application and server software. 

We operate in two business segments – Services and Technology. Financial information concerning the two segments can be found in Note 15, “Segment information,” of the Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements (Part II, Item 8 of the 2016 Form 10-K) (the “Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements”).​​

Principal Products and Services

We market and deliver industry-specific solutions, horizontal services and technology products (software and hardware) worldwide to our primary target markets: government (comprising the U.S. federal government and other public sector organizations), commercial (focusing on travel and transportation and life sciences and healthcare) and financial services (including commercial and retail banking).

Our solutions are designed to enable clients to:

  • Transform core business processes to compete more effectively in their market sector;
  • Improve user engagement for customers and workers, streamline operations and enhance go-to-market efforts;
  • Optimize IT infrastructure to meet digital-business requirements;
  • Simplify management of IT infrastructure and service delivery; and
  • Utilize advanced security capabilities.​

Our industry-specific solutions enable clients to address key challenges in their market sectors – for example, we offer solutions for criminal investigation management and border security in government, travel and transportation and life sciences and healthcare in commercial markets, and commercial and retail banking in financial services.

Our principal services include cloud and infrastructure services, application services, and business process outsourcing services.

  • ​In cloud and infrastructure services, we help clients apply cloud and as-a-service delivery models to capitalize on business opportunities, make their end users more productive, and manage and secure their IT infrastructure and operations more economically.
  • In application services, we help clients transform their business processes by providing advanced solutions for select industries, developing and managing new leading-edge applications, offering advanced data analytics and modernizing existing enterprise applications.
  • In business process outsourcing services, we assume management of critical processes and functions for clients in target industries, helping them improve performance and reduce costs.

In technology, we design and develop software, servers and related products to help clients reduce costs, improve security and flexibility, and improve the efficiency of their data center environments. As a pioneer in large-scale computing, we offer deep experience and rich technological capabilities in transaction-intensive, mission-critical environments. We provide a range of data center, infrastructure management and cloud computing offerings to help clients virtualize and automate their data-center environments. Technology offerings include ClearPath Forward™ software operating system, the Unisys Stealth® family of security software, industry-focused software such as Digital Investigator™, middleware and servers.

​​The following are some of our most prominent products:​
  • ​Unisys ClearPath Forward™ is a secure, scalable, hardware-independent software environment for high-volume enterprise computing. ClearPath Forward is available as an integrated operating environment or reference architecture to deliver Unisys security across multiple hardware platforms. In 2016, Unisys began offering hardware-independent versions of the ClearPath operating environment, providing a tested, integrated stack of software products that can run on an Intel x86 server of the client’s choice.
  • ​Unisys Stealth® software uses identity-based micro-segmentation techniques and encryption to protect data in data centers, the cloud and mobile infrastructures. Stealth creates segments within an organization where only authorized users can access information, while those without authorization cannot even see that those endpoints exist. Unisys Stealth consists of six distinct solutions: Stealth(core), Stealth(analytics), Stealth(aware), Stealth(cloud), Stealth(identity) and Stealth(mobile).
  • Digital Investigator™ is a browser-based application for total information management that gives law enforcement and public safety organizations the ability to share information across platforms of new and legacy applications, both in and outside an agency, and to integrate and filter social media information from a vast array of sources. It also gives them the tools necessary to capture, analyze and investigate data seamlessly and collaboratively to help prevent and detect crimes, while enabling robust analytics and cost-effective configuration of reports and other documents.
  • AirCore is a comprehensive Passenger Services Solutions suite of modular, web-based applications that enables airlines to reach customers across distribution channels including mobile, tablet and web. In doing so, airlines increase their agility in adapting to changing customer demands, while reducing cost.
  • Unisys Retail Delivery is an integrated, multi-channel, retail banking system that enables banks to perform tasks ranging from processing transactions to enhancing customer service to supporting self-service transactions such as mobile banking. The system includes the Unisys Transaction Manager™ suite of tools, applications and third-party products.

​We market our services and products primarily through a direct sales force. In certain foreign countries, we market primarily through distributors. Complementing our direct sales force, we make use of a select group of resellers and alliance partners to market our services and product portfolio.