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Patrycja Sobera on leadership and work-life integration (ISG Digital Dish)

Patrycja Sobera, the 2023 Digital Titan of the Year for EMEA, joins ISG’s Digital Dish episode four to share her inspiring career journey and practical advice for women in technology. Sobera discusses the importance of actively seeking out mentors, following your passion, lifting up other women and finding work-life integration. She shares stories of her own career risks and challenges and how she has worked to overcome barriers and make her voice heard as a woman in a male-dominated field.

Sobera's determination to drive positive change and challenge the status quo shines through. Her practical tips, like maximizing quality time with family and giving yourself credit for being on a "professional mission," offer valuable guidance to others striving to succeed in both career and life.

Tune in to gain leadership insights from this game-changing digital titan.