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Innovative Communication in the “New Normal” Age

Telco subscribers are rising year by year. This adds up to the increasing number of IoT connections and landlines. In other words, the communication business continues to soar for connections between individuals and, especially, for networks and organizations.

For years we've been hearing about seamless integration between the different services offered by service providers. Unified Communications appeared to reduce the complexities in infrastructures and offer converged services to be always on. But this is history.

Today, consumers ask for a real seamless integration for their different communication devices not only hardware but also software: mobiles, PCs, laptops, landlines and tablets on one hand, and instant messaging apps, social media and customer support on the other hand.

But the telecom industry is facing other challenging issues. This is an extremely competitive market where telco providers fight not only each other to win over the same customers following tight regulations, but also the New Economy operators, namely Google, Amazon and Apple, who offer communications services at no cost or at a much lower cost, and fee of the regulations imposed on traditional organizations.

​How can I continue to offer value-added services to my customers and improve my turnover without increasing costs?

Unisys has the answer.

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