The Cloaked Approach to Business Data Security

(Published by WSJ Custom Studios)


Banks are thwarting cyberattacks by segmenting the network


Capturing and storing data—and making it available to employees, customers and partners—is essential to your bank’s success today. The adoption of Open Banking Standards and increase in data sharing present new security risks that make banks more vulnerable to online threats.

With more high-value systems and devices now linked to the internet—including mobile banking apps and automatic teller machines (ATMs)—organizations must rethink how to secure them. In an article published by Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Custom Studios, you’ll learn how to:

  • Stop ransomware attacks
  • Meet growing data security compliance hurdles like GDPR
  • Protect internet-connected devices
  • Prevent insider security risks
  • Secure the SWIFT processing chain

For a visual overview of how Unisys Stealth® microsegmentation can protect your bank’s critical assets, download the infographic.