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Unisys on Social Issues

Unisys on Social Issues

One of the core values of Unisys is integrity. We live this value by doing our part to help build a better world. We also express it by taking public positions on important social issues so that all of our stakeholders know where we stand on them.

Issues:  Artificial Intelligence  |  Broadband  |  DEI  |  ESG  |  Voting

Artificial Intelligence

Unisys is committed to developing and leveraging emerging technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, in a responsible, transparent and ethical manner.


Unisys believes that U.S. policy makers, working in coordination with the private sector, should commit to provide reliable, affordable and secure broadband access for all underserved communities – particularly the least densely populated areas and low-income households. Successful policies should foster competition that leverage the dynamism and innovation of the private sector with government legislative, regulatory and financial support. As demonstrated by the recent pandemic, broadband access is an essential service for participating in today's society. Bridging the digital divide is essential in allowing our communities access to government services, education and job opportunities that foster long-term economic growth.


The Unisys approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is simple: create an environment where everyone belongs. At Unisys, we recognize the crucial role that inclusion and diversity play in our corporate life, in our ability to provide exceptional service to our clients and within society. Fostering an inclusive culture that focuses on respect, diversity of thought and equal opportunity for all people is key to innovation and growth. We are committed to fostering an inclusive, equitable and diverse environment not only for our associates but also for our clients, partners and suppliers.


Unisys is committed to its Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals, which strengthen our ability to serve our clients, our associates and our surrounding communities and environment, resulting in enhanced long-term value for our stakeholders. While working tirelessly with our partners and suppliers to support our clients, we strive to improve our planet and our communities by focusing on reducing our carbon footprint; participating and supporting environmentally-responsible facilities and solutions; and providing our associates with a safe, rewarding and healthy work environment. Through our ESG initiatives, we strive to leave things in a better state than when we found them. Our commitment to ESG positively impacts all Unisys stakeholders while also increasing shareholder value.


Free, fair and equitable access to elections is the foundation of American democracy. It is the imperative of governments to guarantee to all voters the opportunity to vote regardless of background or political views. We support governments finding innovative pathways to accomplish these goals and oppose laws that infringe upon these rights.