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Theme: Supercharged developer

Over time, software development has undergone a major shift in implementation and mindset. Previously, engineering teams had clear, specific and defined roles. Individuals were expected to focus only on their work, with minimalistic involvement and participation in other fields. However, in an agile world, the engineering mindset requires a major change. Every individual is now regarded as a full-stack developer with the knowledge and expertise to execute the end-to-end software development workflow.

Platform engineering is a new discipline that emerged in response to the growing complexity of modern cloud-native architectures. It is the practice of building and maintaining an integrated product, called an “internal developer platform,” that acts as a flexible and supported abstraction layer between developers and the underlying technologies of their applications.

Supercharged developer use cases can be applied to various areas, including but not limited to:

Improve DevEx using AI and automation NextGen CI/CD AIOps for prediction and self-healing
Standards compliance Multi-cloud strategy AI for architecture assessment


Platform engineering aims to enhance developer productivity by improving developer experience (DevEx). Students are encouraged to generate innovative ideas employing one or more of the following technologies or to think creatively and devise their solutions:

Computing AI techniques Automation Testing and security
Cloud computing Machine learning DevSecOps Chaos engineering
Quantum computing AIOps Developer portal Vulnerability management
Low-code/no-code platforms Github Copilot DataOps  
Serverless architectures      


Here are some additional resources to get started on your project: