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Theme: Immersive experiences

The metaverse is a vast, interconnected and digital, merging augmented and virtual reality. Within this immersive space, individuals seamlessly blend the physical and digital, transforming how we socialize, work and conduct commerce. Users explore lifelike environments, opening up new frontiers for collaboration and creation.

Picture beginning your day donning augmented reality glasses as your personal assistant, communicator and entertainment center. Interactive holograms display your daily schedule and notifications, bringing your surroundings to life. Effortlessly, you navigate the web with gestures and engage in virtual meetings with life-sized avatars. Your journey takes you into the metaverse, an expansive digital universe with diverse virtual reality environments. Here, you immerse yourself in stunning landscapes, embark on global quests with friends and partake in creative endeavors, from crafting virtual cities to art installations.

A multitude of use cases exist for immersive experiences. Below are examples that demonstrate the versatility and potential of immersive experiences across a wide range of industries, enriching user engagement, creativity and interaction in unprecedented ways:

  • Entertainment and gaming
  • Education and training
  • Medical training simulations
  • Healthcare and therapy
  • Tourism and cultural preservation
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Product visualization
  • Workplace collaboration

When submitting abstracts in this area, consider these technological advancements:

Display and interaction Enhancing realism Infrastructure and enabling
Virtual reality Spatial audio Blockchain
Augmented reality Real-time rendering Digital ownership
Mixed reality Eye tracking Metaverse
Gesture recognition Haptic technologies