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Suzanne Taylor

Suzanne Taylor

Vice President, Innovation and Emerging Technologies

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Suzanne Taylor, PhD, Vice President Innovation and Emerging Technologies, focuses on applying emerging and disruptive technologies to business problems. She leads the global Innovation practice at Unisys. Her breadth of experience includes technology, analytical and business roles in areas such as Chief Technology Office, product development, marketing, consultative and product service delivery, lean six sigma, and R&D. She pioneered the team that developed the vision, strategy and approach for a new innovation practice, connecting technical and industry business experts to create differentiation in the market. She has led initiatives in product service delivery excellence, portfolio and investment management, and enterprise-wide content management.

Previous experience also includes the delivery of mobility and speech recognition projects, with a focus on human factors and spoken interface design. She has led R&D efforts in the areas of natural language processing, image processing, and technology for education. She has been an adjunct professor, published papers and patent author.

Suzanne has a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Freedom and guardrails for Citizen X
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VentureBeat: Freedom and guardrails for Citizen X

Many professions today are welcoming the rise of their Citizens X: those ordinary citizens, curious or concerned about a particular discipline, who are empowered to collaborate with its credentialed professionals to make significant contributions. In technology, where the trend is sometimes called “the democratization of tech” or “no-code/low-code,” its benefits are great, but its risks must be recognized and mitigated.

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