The new way to communicate with your customers

What are you doing to adapt your organization to the new normal?

Without a shadow of a doubt, last year the world changed. And now more than ever, we must be ready for a new reality.

Today, as a telco trusted provider, you need to help your clients adapt to the new world of social distancing and remote working. Your clients need to change the way they communicate with their customers. Staying one step ahead of the new communications paradigm will be the only way to stay in market. Both for you and for them.

Unisys is the only company that is ready to help telecommunication companies start a safe journey into this new era of communication through a Smart Communication approach.

Do you want to know more about it?

Consumers need real seamless integration for their different communication devices, not only hardware but also software. And they do not mind who is behind.

The telecom industry is fighting not only each other to win over the same customers, but also against the New Economy operators who offer communication services at no cost or at a much lower cost, and free of the regulations imposed on traditional organisations.

How many times did you ask yourself: How could I continue to offer value-added services to my customers and improve my turnover without increasing costs?

In this eMagazine you will find how Unisys can help you improve your portfolio, and your business performance, through a new approach to communications that will enable your clients increase their revenue and their customers’ loyalty.


More information about Unisys Smart Communications Platform

Executive brief

Smart Messaging Platform: a business approach

Help your clients improve their quality of life by choosing the method of communication that is best for them at any given time. Offer them technologies that self-learn, enabling intuitive communication without the need to spend hours configuring their phones.


Executive brief

Smart Messaging Platform: technological approach

Smart Messaging solutions place yourself in the vanguard of technology of cloud-based and communications. Unisys will help you make the most of your own services and third-party services on line consistently and with an extremely high level of scalability, stability, management and cost control.


Executive brief

Unisys Voicemail Services

Discover how to transform your traditional voicemail service, making it relevant again by innovating in the management of all services and by simplifying the IT environment that supports them, as well as by being able to provide additional capacity as demand requires and cutting-edge services for the new era.


Executive brief

Unisys Smart Communication Service

Find how Unisys Smart Communication Service enables your clients efficiently communicate with their customers via a simple subscription model. Your clients will no longer need to procure any equipment or dedicated teams: they will be able to set up all services by themselves within a few hours and from your website.


Step Into the Future, Securely

Unisys is the key partner for IT transformation and outsourcing, guiding global customers on a safe path to the cloud anywhere around the world, for big organizations and for Small and Medium Enterprises.

With 25 years of experience in the communications industry and a wide portfolio of industry solutions, Unisys is uniquely positioned to serve organizations of all sizes in this ever-changing industry and help you keep your position in the new normal.