DELL EMC - Together, Unisys and Dell Technologies bring clients business and IT benefits

Together, Unisys and Dell Technologies bring clients business and IT benefits

Unisys and Dell EMC are working with our customers to drive innovation, deliver solutions with global reach, and provide seamless service for long-term customer satisfaction. This partnership provides complete, end-to-end solutions designed even for the most demanding IT environments.

Unisys is a Dell EMC Titanium partner and Dell EMC’s longest partner to date. Through this partnership, we deliver secure solutions to demanding environments like banking, airline reservations and cargo handling. And we address high-transaction environments supporting police, port, defense agencies and commercial enterprises worldwide.

Unisys and Dell EMC have been helping customers solve their business challenges with secure solutions reliably and efficiently for decades. Let us help your business next.

Together, Unisys and Dell EMC enable you to:
  • More efficiently prioritize and address pain points
  • Make the best use of limited space and resources
  • Leverage world-class hybrid cloud technologies

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Unisys and Dell EMC Alliance Brief

Learn about the industry focused solutions built on market leading technology

Worried about Cyber Recovery?

Attackers are increasingly targeting backup data, and most backup systems are not designed or configured for recovery from such cyberattacks - but that’s the past.

See how Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Vault and Unisys Stealth® enable Zero Trust backup security for your last line of defense.

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Drive Transformation with Digital Workplace Services

The Unisys and Dell EMC alliance is laser focused on transformation: digital transformation, IT transformation, security transformation, and workplace transformation. In this undertaking, these two market leaders complement each other perfectly.

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Airports today realize how critical digital transformation is in order to stay competitive. In addition, advanced analytics can be used across a wide range of airport operations leveraging the data generated through advanced and predictive analytics.

Dheeraj Kohli
Vice President and Global Lead of Travel and Transportation, Unisys

Clearly see your key processes. Streamline operations.

Unisys Airport Blueprinting creates visualizations of key airport processes so that airports can streamline and strengthen their operations and maximize efficiency. With our in-depth experience in data center transformation, workspace productivity, and analytics, we help airports optimize passenger flow, baggage flow, and aircraft turnaround flow, to ensure both efficiency and security.

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