Manufacturing a Profitable Future: Secured Digital Transformation

Manufacturing a Profitable Future: Secured Digital Transformation

Staying adaptable and competitive with secured digital transformation

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Operational Continuity in Unprecedented Times

Your operational continuity has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapid shift to remote work, paired with supply chain disruptions, have created new management, security and compliance challenges you can’t afford to ignore.

The modern threat landscape is constantly evolving, spurred on by an increase in manufacturing automation and interconnectivity. However, before you can scale up your digital transformation efforts and future-proof your supply chains, you first need to assess your company’s current posture.

Improving Profitability with Secure IT Infrastructure

Modern manufacturing firms rely on big data to fuel business decisions. Working with Unisys, a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed was able to secure and optimise its IT infrastructure and service delivery across 35 countries. This not only helped Nutreco improve its own profitability, it also enabled farmers to cut feeding costs on a global scale.

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Future-Proof Your Supply Chain with Unisys

When you work with Unisys, you will get support tailored to your unique needs and compliance guidelines. You will build a foundation for IT excellence in the areas of cloud, security and digital workplace services. This means you will be able to ensure operational continuity with proactive threat landscape management and dynamic isolation of threats. You will also be able to define your transformation journey and deliver on its ROI promise.