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Increasing Visibility and Profitability in the Supply Chain

For years, data has been an invaluable source of insight for logistics companies, helping optimise your delivery routes, reduce costs and build profitable relationships. But as the pace of innovation speeds up, organisations are struggling to bring manual processes and legacy systems into the modern age.

The new era of transportation logistics is built on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning and augmented intelligence. To remain competitive and adaptable, your company must embark on a digital transformation journey sooner rather than later.

Five ways analytics, automation and augmented intelligence are impacting transportation and logistics

Discover how recent innovations in logistics IT are transforming the industry and cultivating a “new normal”

Recent Innovations

Leading Advisory Firm Nelson Hall Names Unisys as a Leader in Latest Cloud Infrastructure Evaluation

A Leader In Cloud Infrastructure

Saving on operation costs and improving your response time

The disparity between potential and actual improvements from supply chain digitisation is often rooted in technology gaps and management oversights. This is true for traditional logistics companies and government agencies alike.

Adopt the digital transformation of transportation and logistics with Unisys

With Secured Digital Transformation from Unisys, your company can achieve a higher level of cyber resilience and supply chain visibility through analytics, automation and augmented Intelligence.

Working with Unisys, you can protect your business continuity, mitigate revenue loss and prevent high-profile breaches through hands-on consultation and managed services. You can build full-scale alignment between your people, performance goals and IT solutions that form the foundation of your transformational journey.

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