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Reimagining Field Services


Short on time? Here’s an overview:

A reimagined field services model embodies a holistic understanding of the digital workplace ecosystem and all that is required for superior support experience – not just of the hardware and software, but of the users and the business. By partnering with a provider who offers such a field services model, businesses can successfully reduce both cost and complexity while simultaneously enhancing productivity and ensuring a great experience for their workers.

Improving the support experience while reducing cost

The traditional field services model can be summed up in six words: “Something’s wrong. Come fix it in-person.” In response, a highly technical field engineer would go to the user, diagnose, repair or replace as necessary, and leave. That in-person support model is becoming increasingly ineffective, especially given today’s hybrid and flexible work models. Multiple forces are pushing and pulling at business, compelling a reimagination of field services. Understanding these forces and how they change the nature of field services is critical if businesses are to provide users with a great experience, convenience, increased workforce productivity, and reduced cost of support.