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Podcast – “Pick Your Nick” and Other Secrets to Fab Collab in the Hybrid Office

September 30, 2021
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28 – “Pick Your Nick” and other secrets to fab collab in the hybrid office

The hybrid office is not new. It existed long before the pandemic, but we’ve forgotten how poor the experience was for remote participants. We now have a chance to reinvent meetings so that all participants – both remote and in-person – are 100% engaged and productive. How? In this episode, I interview Jim Kalbach, author, TED talk speaker, Chief evangelist, and employee #5 at Mural – a company that enables visual collaboration for the hybrid workplace. Jim shares some innovative techniques that he is using in his meetings such as “Pick your Nick” and “Ping-Ponging” that are having great success. Listen to the interview to learn more. And when you are done, feel free to check out Jim’s blog on hybrid work at Jim’s book on productivity can be found here:

I also invite you to check out my e-book “From ‘Help me!’ to Engaged Productivity” at this link: