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Three surprises that blockchain brings to worker experience (Ep. 23)

May 11, 2021 / Weston Morris

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Episode 23

We normally equate blockchain with cryptocurrency. However, smart people around the world are devising new ways to use blockchain in increasingly clever ways. We discuss three of those applications in this podcast. Chris Blask, Global Director of Applied Innovation at Unisys has invented a Digital Bill of Materials based on blockchain as a way to capture ‘claims’ about a product or service. Chris and I brainstorm 3 surprising ways that this Digital Bill of Materials (DBOM) can be used to improve worker experience in the enterprise.

  1. Asset Management on Steroids that not only tells you the model and serial number of your laptop, but what chips are embedded in the device and what firmware is running on it – something that IT needs to know if a security threat is discovered with those chips or firmware.
  2. Digital Online Resume that tracks all of the significant work that you do. It follows you around and is instantly verifiable as you present yourself for work at a new company.
  3. XLA Presentation – with the ability to present a composite XLA made up of multiple vendors, with immutable proof of how each vendor’s service contributes to the experience enjoyed by an enterprise’s employees.

This is a brave new world and I think you will enjoy learning about how bleeding edge technologies are being adapted to solve today’s problems in the workplace.