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What HR can learn from the gig economy about a great work experience (Ep. 22)

April 27, 2021 / Weston Morris

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Episode 22

Why do gig workers have access to services that most HR organizations don’t provide? Discover three innovations that K2 Partnering Solutions has developed for its 500,000 gig workers that HR can emulate to provide a better workplace experience for their full-time employees. These services have enabled the growing gig economy and can also empower enterprises to attract and retain top talent for their full-time employees. In this episode, I interview Antonio Gulino, CEO of K2 Partnering Solutions, who has pioneered the use of gamification, a water-cooler-like environment for collaboration, the increasingly popular “Share and Earn” program, and other innovations to simplify and automate mind-numbing tasks. While mobility and flexibility continue to be important in the future of work, maintaining a sense of purpose and engagement is what employees, both gig and full-time workers, really want.

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