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Fear, learning and growth during the pandemic (Ep. 13)

July 14, 2020 / Weston Morris

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Episode 13

Most enterprises see themselves going through distinct phases as the deal with the pandemic. The first phase for many was enabling employees to work from home. The second phase that quickly followed has been focusing on the health and productivity of employees working from home. There is an expectation that Phase 3 will be the ‘new normal’. But is there a 4th phase? And is it possible to learn and grow from our collective experience in dealing with all of the phases of this pandemic? This episode looks at the importance of getting past fear and into learning. Only when that is accomplished can we grow. Lynn Herbert, the Chief Customer Officer at Timmaron Group, draws from her experience in consulting for scores of enterprises in multiple industries on this very subject.

Links to the resources mentioned in the podcast:

VirtuWerk home page: Technologies and services to help companies plan, prepare and implement a resilient and engaged workplace.

VirtuWerk webinar registration page: A series of briefings and resources focused on learning how to adapt and thrive in the “new norm”.

VirtuWerk – The Future of Work webinar: Early successes in creating a resilient and engaged workplace. How to redefine what work needs to be done, where, when and how it can be done. A look at real world examples of problems faced, problems solved and early successes in response to the pandemic. (webinar password is “bluejay” with no quotes).